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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by oceanpotion, Aug 15, 2007.

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    I recently made a post regarding coconut palm transplanting. I followed the steps given... however, I am still unsure about one thing.. ok, I cut all the fronds off the trees I transplanted and they are all about 8ft. tall. What kind of light condition would be optimal for the transplanted coconuts? Right now I have them behind a side of the house that provides shade in the earlier part of the day. Should they be in full sun?
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    You trimmed back some fronds. You didn't cut all of them off, Did you? Leave the top 5 fronds, definately don't cut into the heart of the tree. Be Careful. Once you trim fronds, tie the remaining 5 fronds with sash cord. Make sure you have a reasonable size root ball. Approx. 12" from the base of the trunk minimum. When moving the trees from one location to the next. Make sure before you pull the trees you did around it and don't cut ball to shallow. Bigger the Ball, Better your odds... Make sure you cover your root ball with plastic to protect roots ends from air, and to ensure you don't loose dirt attached to root ball. Dig hole large enough to set the easily set ball in. Make sure you water it in good. You can't use too much water when backfilling dirt. Remember air pockets created while backfilling is the #1 Killer.. Don't cut sash cord on fronds for 2 weeks, it reduces the stress level of the tree. If you follow these steps you should be fine regardless of location in yard.

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