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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowman99, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Mowman99

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    Does anyone have a example of a checklist that you send out with your guys everyday that pretty much tells you what they have done on each yard that they visited that day? Example
    Yard A: a,b,c,
    Yard B: a,b,d
    Also maybe a time in time out slot too.

    a = cut
    b = bagged
    c = edge bed's
    d = trimmed bushes
    e = sprayed weed killer
    f = Need's ? (ex. fd = need's bushes trimmed)
  2. Likestomow

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    I make the decisions as to what gets done at each property, with the exception that if the homeowner is there and askes for additional services. I simply add a note under the customer's name on the daily worksheet saying what extra work needs to be done.

    At the end of the day, the worksheet becomes a permenent record after any changes are made.
  3. cgland

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    We give each crew route sheets. each one of these must be filled out for each property. We also give them a route sheet cover for their hours and checklists. I'll attach them.
  4. redoak77

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    cg land, thanks for letting ussee those sheets
  5. cgland

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    No problem! You may use them if you like. It definately makes tracking your numbers easier. I used the same basic sheet as what Clip uses only I have to track things manually. Every customer on our route has a sheet like this. We use the same sheet for the whole month (notice the additional line items) then at the end of the month I scan them into my computer and place them in that customers folder. At the end of the year I calculate on average how many man hours it took to mow that property. I then multiply by our hourly rate and if that customers price is lower than the figure I came up with then either their price goes up or we drop them. I've found that by dropping the bad customers you can make more money. payup Works for us anyway!

  6. LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have to say you are one of the most helpful ppl online I've ever found. I plan on introducing computers into 2 trucks this year and these sheets can be made into forms or database and such. They can fill them out and then can be e mailed back to my main computer.

    My laundromat has high speed wireless internet for customers and the garage is right next door so they can use it as a hub in the morning or lunch or evening to send and check e mail, route updates and send back the daily info.
  7. JimLewis

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    Yes, we do exactly what you are describing. Each crew has a notebook. There are five dividers in the notebook - one for each day of the week. Behind each divider are a number of papers - one for each client they have for that day. Each clients page has this at the top; their full name, address, coordinates on map, and job details. Then there are just a bunch of lines from there to the bottom of the page. On each line, the workers are to record the date and then a code for each service they've done for the customer that day. This corrospond to the boxes they checked on the checklist that got left on the clients door that day.

    Here is what a few lines on one page of our notebook might look like;

    1/13/05 M, E, B, RL
    1/20/05 M, B, F, WB, SWL
    1/27/05 M, E, B, Apply Moss Killer

    M = Mow
    E = Edge
    F = Fertilize
    RL = Raked Leaves
    WB = Weeded Beds (manually)
    SWB = Sprayed Weeds in Beds
    SWL = Sprayed Weeds in Lawn
    B = Blow
    PS = Pruned Shrubs


    Anything we don't have a standard code for (e.g. moss killer) just gets written out.

    Then, if a customer ever calls and says, "I don't think you guys have fertilized my lawn for a while. I see weeds popping up all over." I can check the book and say, "Ms. Miller, I show that we fertilized it just last week. It probably hasn't kicked in yet. But you should start to see it working soon. Are you getting your checklists we've been leaving on your door?"
  8. cgland

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    Thanks Jeff I appreciate the compliment. I know my ways are not always the best, but they are simple and they work for us. I'm more than happy to share with anyone.

  9. Grassboy 101

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    Thanks, cgland:
    I had a sheet that I tracked for daily purposes. However, your system of one sheet per customer is much simpler and has the complete record of work done for the account on a monthly basis.

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