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    just had an idea. i hear all these guys with belt drives saying how they slip when they are wet. they must be using sulkies because it's raining like mad here so i bolted one up. wouldn't go back up my driveway with me on it (and i'm a smallll guy). so..

    instead of a smooth rib drive belt, why not a cogged belt and pulley system that will still allow for nuetral when the tensioner is released?

    just my 1/5th of the almost new TN tax rate.
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    The biggest problem with a cogged belt in this application is they have a tendency to pack with grass. Now if you didn't run a banded belt and ran 2 individual cogged belt per side, it would probably have some benefit.

    The hardest thing a guy would have is matching the 2 belts per side. I would believe you would have to match belts very closely so both belts pull their own weight. Maybe somebody should give it a try.

    Thanks, Fred.

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