Cold Air Induction?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by upidstay, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Any of you guys ever install a cold air induction system on your trucks? Friend of mine has an 08 Tundra, just had one put on. Supposed to give you more horses, and better mileage. Talked to the service guy at the dealer I bought my truck from, he does not like them for a bunch of different reasons.

    What do you guys think??
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    The marketing guys will tell you that. In truth, it could void your warranty, it will cost you considerable out of pocket, and if you work in dusty conditions, it could lead to signigant engine damage. the air filter system installed by the manufacturer was designed for your truck, and is all you need for normal everyday operation. Don't waste your money on something your truck was not designed for in the first place.

    As for adding horses and inproving mileage, by how much, and where is it documented for each application? Is it also documented that it could void your warranty?
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    Many of the Top cold air filter companies are ISO 5011 certified. Cold air intakes are on of the few modifications that won't void your factory warranty.:)

    I would recommend the S & B cold air intakes. These cold air intakes are somewhat expensive. Good kits will include a cotton gauze 8 layer filter, oil or synthetic filter media.

    ZTR diesel I have the (UOA) Used Oil Analysis for my S & B cold air intake for my Dodge Cummins Silicon level or dirt in the oil is below 2PPM. Far better that of a stock filter box which is 7 or higher.


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