Cold call estimating.....

Resonse rate for this form of advertising

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    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • 1-2%

    Votes: 4 26.7%
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  • 3+

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What sort of response rate would you get from leaving a quote and brochure at a house? 2-4% call 1-2%close??

Here is my idea:

Make a full color brochure with my services and a quote on one side. On the other put Landscape information for XXXXXX subdivision and fold it over to only see this side.

I have access to a Very nice color laser printer. The cost would only be the paper + time to deliver.

Please let me know what you think.


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I'd do it since cost is little. The rule of thumb expected response from normal fliers (w/o rate) is supposedly 1% but it varies alot by the area and audience. In my opinion having the rate on there is a great idea. Takes more time but weeds out alot of calls & running around. You have to know the price on each job though or some way to not get the prices mixed up.


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Timing would be key to success. This time of year is good because people may be getting tax refunds. My success rate for cold calling commercial accounts is 15% signed contracts. But that is calling and scheduling appointments. Most commercials will allow you to give quotes, always looking for a better deal. Conventional wisdom is that most people don't pay attention to brochures or other direct mailings until they see 3 or more times. By adding a quote to it you should at least get their attention either positive or negative. If you do enough of them you will get some response and it will give you work in the neighborhoods you prefer to be in. I believe it will work good for you, and getting your name out there is what it's all about.

Good Luck


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Originally posted by mikeswag
do you think there would be a similr response without the price? My prices are about middle/high for my area.

Try both as a test. Choose one area to blanket with brochures without putting an estimate on it and another area with an estimate and track the calls. This should give you a good indication of which will get the most interest.