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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Birddog Lawncare, Apr 21, 2004.

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    Has this approach ever worked for anybody. I've noticed several businesses around town that hasn't been mowed this year and I've been calling them to see if they need a lawn service. Everyone has been telling me that they already have a lawn service. Do you think it would be better to stop by and ask in person?
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    If you want to build your business make those calls.
    Cold calling isn't much fun because you WILL be turned down a lot. But, even when turned down you will have made contact with someone. It may be the business owner, manager, receptionist or janitor but you meet someone and offer your services. It may not be this week or even this month that one of these contacts will call or refer you but with a little patience you will see results. You don't need to hard sell either. Just make them aware who you are what you do and the fact that you are interested servicing them. Also, make sure you and your vehicle look presentable when making these calls in person. Dressing like you work for a living is fine as long as you look clean and professional. A final note, return every phone call!
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    what about contacting local realty companies? call and ask if they need lawn maint. either for their rental properties or their vacant lots!!???? hey, it could work!!:)
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    dang. you stole my idea!!!
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    Hi Birddog,

    I agree with Jagor.

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