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    I've been using ct for 20yrs. I put down 200 gal of safer sealer the end of this season so haven't been able to see the longevity factor, yet. I thought it was very nice to work with n am sold on that part. I also think ots a very good idea to use safer everywhere. For me, it's about $ 900. More per tanker . I can live with that.
    Manufactures say it last 90% of what ct does. But everything else I read says it lasts 1 to 2 yrs. If we take snowplowing out of the mix, my ct lasts 5 to 6 yrs. ( on drives) That's long way from 90%. Wondering if anyone with experience would care to shed some lite on this subject. Any new info would b helpful.
    Thank u.
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    Ok thanks for all the help from the guys with experience. So I called some other coasters, and the general consensus seems to be that the safe sealer lasts about %65 of cold tar MY manufacture had a new n improved safer called XL. That will last longer, how much remains to be seen.
    I am just a tad apprehensive about switching to ss in an area that's use to the longevity of ct.
    And if I was starting a business with ss, I would push the safer factor hard, and downplay the lower longevity factor as a spinoff for a safer world. That should be discussed up front, b4 any sealer hits the asphalt. But that's just my opinion.

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