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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by awm, Aug 26, 2001.

  1. awm

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    okay ,i know this is a repeat but yesterday i changed blades that had been on since wed morn. about 5 hrs each day .
    this is my light week.with a little pressure they were still
    sharp enough to cut your hand . again i was slightly amazed.
    Coldfire the ball is in your hands . mowing and what you do were made for each other. the people in this buisiness will best know of your process thru LAWNSITE. GET ON BOARD ,A NOBRAINER. sorry to be so emphatic but the lco s need this.
  2. sparechange

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    awm, i am interested in getting a couple of blade sets treated. do you have a contact name and number for coldfire? also, do you know if the cold treatment resists wear from abrasion such as dirt and sand being blown up by the blades
  3. David Gretzmier

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    what's the cost on this treatment? are you saying they stayed sharp for a week? does this work after you sharpen them once the original "coldfire edge is worn down? what about brittleness? I'd think a hard steel would shatter if you hit a stone or stump. Dave g
  4. awm

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    the fellow to contact is jerry spruell
    he is in the process of talking to other coldfires across the country about getting on lawnsite. personnally i think id just take it all myself.
    i hesitate to say what it will do for you. i tried two treated blades and one untreated blade and found a considerable difference. i have blades on now that are two days and truthfully would do to cut with today. this is a tough day though so will probably hit the edges right quick this morning.
    a lot of lco s would callum still sharp enough but ill touchum up anyway. seems to me that tougher is a bettewr way to describe it than harder. it just changes the metal,and really thats all i know . no brittleness at all. it just dont seem to ever get
    blunt dull. in the past 3 days hard and i had blunt dull.
    blades. the funny thing is this is what the homeowner needs
    who is going to sharpen at least every yr,whether it needs it or not.
  5. sparechange

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    i did an internet search on cold treating steel. there are several other businesses that treet steel in this fashion. some of the sites had prices quoted. it appears that they charge around $1 / lb to treat tool steel.
  6. coldfire

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    AWM--you are exactly correct about the toughness. The COLDFIRE treatment leaves the blade tougher throughout the crosssection not just the surface. The steel will be a bit less brittle and the blade needs treating only once. The cost is about 25% to 50% of the original cost and varies greatly with the number of blades.SPARECHANGE--The Florida treatment center is serving 5 golf facilities and reports at least 2 to 3 times the life in those sandy conditions.Your nearest COLDFIRE dealer is Joe at 828-651-9744.

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