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cold, wet applications...


LawnSite Member
SW Missouri
I'm curious how my current situation should be handled. I have several chemical applications that are overdue, because of the high winds we had last week. These will be bare ground apps, not fertilizing apps, so I'm more cautious of the wind that the fertilizing guys. It's one thing to accidentally fertilize the neighbor's lot. It's another to accidentally kill it. ;)

I've got some emerged stuff, due to the warm weather a few weeks ago. The cold weather of the past 5 or so days has probably helped, with several of those nights well into the 20's. I had to re-winterize my spray rig, just to make sure it didn't freeze up!

Looking at today, it's supposed to be below 40 degrees up to 10am, below 50 until noon, and finally supposed to break 50 degrees by 4pm or so.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), it's supposed to be rainy all day. Temps of 39 at 7am, 50 by 1pm, and a high of 53 by 4 pm. Rain and t-storms all day.

By Wednesday we're looking good again. 45 at 7am, 52 at 10, and 60 by 4pm.

Thursday looks similar (nice temps, rain during the evening). Friday again has a high of 60, except we're supposed to have t-storms again.

I'm particularly concerned about my glyphosate product (Razor Pro) that's in the mix. I'm concerned that it's too cold right now for the plants to uptake the mixture immediately, and that the thunderstorms tomorrow (or later in teh week) will wash it off / away. I've got a NIS (Attach) that I'll be using, but I'm curious if that will be enough to keep it in a working position.

The other products in the mix are bromacil, diuron, Sulfometuron methyl, and metsulfuron methyl products. Specifically, Krovar, Karmex XP, and Oust Extra. I don't feel the cold will affect those as much, and the rain will actually help to get those products (wettable powders) into the ground.

I also don't want to make multiple trips to apply the Krovar, Karmex, and Oust Extra now, and the glyphosate later...

I'd love to hear some input on this.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Georgia Z7
Read your label on the Glyphosate, but it should be rainfast in a few hours....especially if you use NIS.

Your thought process is the same thing I struggle with on occasion. Bottom line is this....there is rarely a perfect time for spraying it seems. It is either too windy, too cold, or there is a threat of rain.

Once the Glyphosate is absorbed, it is then a function of how quickly the plant grows. When it warms up, things will happen faster for you. You might even consider throwing in a little Urea to stimulate growth of the existing vegetation. This will provide a faster kill.