Collapsed lifter on a Kohler command engine?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by furball3, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. furball3

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    Thursday my mower started making lifter type noises. Within a few minutes it went from just noticeable to really bad & loud.

    I have just 475 hours on it.

    I took the valve cover off on the left side and the top rocker arm can move fairly easily about an 1/8th inch(The push rod moving back into the lifter. (see pic)

    Would this be a collapsed lifter? Or is there some adjustment that can be made to tighten this back up to what it should be?

    If it is the lifter is this somthing that a mostly competent shade tree mechanic replace or is it a dealer only job?


    DSC01295 (Medium).JPG
  2. Restrorob

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  3. jim dailey

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    MAN, I took one look at that picture... Now, I AM NOT a small engine mechanic like some of these guys, but I am better known as a backyard mechanic, WAY out in the backyard !!! There is no way that should be like that. Find out the adjustment for that valve and adjust it accordingly. Make sure that motor has 10-30W oil. I just had my Kohler CV-18 apart this morning and took both valve covers off and check my rockers, only visually. Nothing like that. Ask some of these REAL mechanics for the valve data and tackle the problem. I am not sure in how to tell you to check for a collapsed lifter. They will be happy to help you out.
  4. furball3

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    restrorob thanks for the reply - but I dont see anything other then my original post in your reply.

    hope you didnt type too much :p
  5. Restrorob

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    Sorry about that, It wouldn't take my link. Anyway that is a collapsed lifter and there is no adjustment just replacment. The intake and exhaust must be removed then the head to replace the lifter and while your in there I would suggest replacing both. I'm gonna try again to post a link where you can down-load a service manual to perform the task at hand properly.
    Good luck
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  6. Restrorob

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  7. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I have heard that kohler uses the same hydraulic lifter as the small block chevy engines, any thruth to that?
  8. smokey

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    It is not necessary to reply to a post with a quote.It seems on most bulletin boards people want to reply by first quoting what was already posted. I don't see the need for that. Anyone with half a brain can look back and fiqure out what the original post was. Just my two cents.
  9. soilman

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    Yea, that gap is way too big, at any point in the cycle, but how do you know that the valve is not stuck open, rather than the lifter being collapsed?

    And is that an exhaust valve or intake valve?

    I think if an intake or exhaust valve were stuck open, due to bent stem, or failed spring, you would get an entirely different set of sounds than if the valve stayed closed or never opened fully, due to the lifter being collapsed.
  10. Restrorob

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    Given the amout of distance between the valve spring coils and the angle of the rocker arm with the pivot I'm gonna stick with a colapsed lifter.

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