Collecting Money Whats your approach?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by humble1, Jan 31, 2014.

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    there's still some out there but your right its a dying breed thats for sure...
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    They get turned over to collections (Tier 1) at 60 days, not 90. A "10 Day" letter prior to collections usually gets payment quickly.

    Our protocol is to run statements weekly for anything over 15 days. It is clear that the Invoice is left on the door and is due upon receipt. At 20 days, the customer gets a personal phone call.

    I have had a few problems from career deadbeats, but overall, my A/Rs have been great.

    And for the occasional hot check, a letter from the District Attorneys office usually educates them.
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    When figuring the cost of the credit card fees, you also need to account for the admin cost to process and handle the checks when comparing the two. If your computer software can 100% automate your payments and facilitate a faster flow of money, what's that worth? Can you quantify that? I have and think it's favorable.
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    Do you wack late fees?
    I like this option but alot more paperwork and admin time that could be spent elsewhere. Assum your using American Profit Rec, at what point do you go to tier 2?
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    what software is 100% automate the process.

    What do you do when customers dont want to put a cc on file or it is on file and it declines?
    Or they dont want to put cc on file or pre pay for the year.

    Experiencing some serious growing pains this year for sure.
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    With all the credit card hacking, what kind of concerns are you folks who except credit cards doing to protect your company?
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    It doesn't have to be a CC. It could be a visa, mc debit style card so it comes out of their checking account. Its not unreasonable nowadays. Can you rent anything without one? If they refuse then they are on prepay. You got to look out for #1. I know its tough when you're starting to walk away, but I sure wouldn't set myself up if I was getting all the red flags. I still can't believe you're ok with leaving 10 grand on the table.
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    Numbers are seen by owners only and kept on seperate key drive. If a customer gets hacked its on the card company. They would have to prove the theft originated with me. No problems so far with customers. Have personally been a victim of identity theft twice. Don't believe the commercial. You might get your money back, but they don't tell you about your name.
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