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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Christianstine, Jan 27, 2003.

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    Collecting unemployment from yourself raises a lot of red flags. First of all, there are probably only a few states that you could even find a legal way to do it.

    More importantly, in the long run, you will be paying it back yourself anyway. Rates are based on how much you pay in and how much is drawn against you. Over a period of time, if you stay in business you will pay in as much or usually more than is drawn against you.

    Theres an old saying NO FREE LUNCH

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    Ask your state unemployment office. Give them the facts and get a correct answer for your state.

    Laws vary by state, but in Missouri I have never seen an owner collect unemployment while the company is still in business.
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    i had a few moments of free time this morning, so i called.. they see no problem with it as long as it's not a sole prop.. her exact words were " the company pays in to it and we pay out to the employee " and thats what you are. if you have a problem getting through to the u/a 800 number let me know. i have a back-door number..
  4. dougaustreim

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    As an owner/employee attempting to draw unemployment, the main test would be whether or not your were participating in the business during the time you are collecting. Even though you are not servicing and billing customers, if you are marketing etc you are participating in the business and would be considered working. Even participating on this forum would be interpreted as working in my state.

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    Here is my thought. I know I am going to catch some flack, well bring it on.

    I have no problem with someone collecting unemployment. Who has lost their job, and is looking for a job.

    However if you business isn't making you enough money in the off season, and you want to sit around a collect? My answer is no, your business doesn't make you enough to live year round. Do one of the following, if not you are Lazy IMO.

    1. Get a job for the off season.
    2. Learn how to budget.

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    One of the requirements for collecting UI is that you are currently looking for a job, so if you honestly are, then I think it would be ok. It's all about business ethics.

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    lets say you can do it. doesn't make it right.

    change that. higher prices, flat rates, new services, etc. offset the downtime. don't expect a bailout.

    IMO they should. this idea of a seasonal wrker going on EI every winter is ridiculous. breeds laziness. is a real prob in some regions in canada. too much of a safety net.

    unemployment should be used by people who want to work, but are unable to secure employment at a particular time. not by people who choose not to work. or by people who choose a seasonal industry.
  9. GeoffDiamond

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    This is your biz's problem, you figure it out. My taxes shouldn't pay you to wait till work comes around.

    Here are more things you can do, not great but you can do them:

    1. Wally World
    2. BK
    3. McD's
    4. Any other retailer.

  10. bubble boy

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    shouldn't, i assume you meant.

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