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    I know there are a lot of treads with info on this subject but reading through 6, 8, 10 pages in any one tread to get the info is hurting my eyes so here it is.

    I'm looking for contact information for collection agencies. Please either post the company name, contact name and number, and recommendations here or send me the information in a PM.

    I have a few deadbeats that have received all the preliminary past due payment stuff, invoices sent 4 months in a row, certified letters on the 5th month and thats where I'm at. Next step is either Small Claims or Collections and I haven’t talked to any collections companies to understand how they work.
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  3. C4chris70

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    Messages: 501 for me too. I have seen about a 50% success rate through them.
  4. yardguy28

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    i think you need to start with a stricter payment policy.

    my invoices are due upon receipt. they are technically consider late after 15. after 30 days service automatically stops (no notification to client first) and they receive a final notice letter giving them 15 days to either contact me or pay up. after that your name is handed over to the collection agency i use.
  5. Agape

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    better yet- Autopay!:cool2:
  6. topsites

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    I simply tell them if they don't pay that I will make them come here to LS and
    then I will make them READ every one of my posts all the way back to day 1
    and omg I get paid so dang fast lol you just don't know.
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    Pure torture TS, I'd pay up too!
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    Just having TS on my doorstep would make me get the checkbook. I picture him unfolding a lawnchair, cracking a cold one and regaling the deadbeat with LS stories through a megaphone.
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    i'd rather get out of the business than force clients to pay a certain way.

    i think this auto pay thing was discussed in a different thread.
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    APR "American Profit Recovery" they specialize in Lawn Care collections
    248-948-0656 is the office direct

    800-711-0023 and ask for Andy Yavello tell him best Lawn care sent you and hell take care of ya

    we send them 150-200 accounts a month, and is the best company we've worked with in the last 8 years

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