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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tiedeman, Jan 30, 2003.

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    anyone know of a good collection agency that I can use for one of my customers that is almost 3 months late on payment? She has been charged numerous late fees and yet she still has not paid. She keeps on promising paying on so and so date, but then no money comes. I have called and sent letters along with the invoices. Any other good ideas???

    P.S. Because of this situation we have made it a policy that no family members can become customers that are related to employees that work for me. :angry:
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  3. B. Phagan

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    Geez, are we nice people or what??

    We don't get paid timely and we continue to do the work!

    We send late notices and they still don't pay....and we continue to do the work!

    We bill in arrears of our services and allow still more time to send the payment!

    Most of us need to reveiw our agreements and clauses for collection, look into how we can collect in our particular states, bill early and often and cut off their services if they don't pay......or take 'em to small claims court, or sue them..or place a mechanics lien on their property......last resort is a collection agency or a collection attorney.

    Too many times, WE create our own collection problems!

    Why are we afraid to lose a customer who doesn't pay???
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    Try the local police department. Non payment for services rendered is considered theft of services. Just did this with one of my problem customers, the officer said to give him one week to pay up or a warrant would be issued.
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    What I've found out over the years is that "late fees" usually don't motivate customes to pay-up. But when I tell them that I'm turning their account over to a collection agency, they pay real fast.
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    really!? I have never heard of that. I didn't know that it was called theft of services. I will have to look into it.

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