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    I just read the other posts concerning bad debt and collecting.

    My question is this, how do you turn something in to a collection agency.

    1. Do you have to sign up with them and pay a fee?
    2. Do you have to do x # of $$$$$'s a year to qualify?
    3. Do you just call them.

    I don't know anything about them from this side of the business but it may be time to "get to know one"! I myself have some vvvvveeeerrrrrryyyyy sloooooooooooowwwwwww payers, some of which I don't think have any intentions of paying at all. Looks like a good tool!
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  4. bob

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    I think people must fear the collection agency. Last year I had 2 dead beat customers, who still owed me money in Febuary. I sent them both letters stating that I want their bill payed in full with in 7 days or I would turn ut over to a collection agency. Both of them payed real fast. I was just bluffing.
  5. jay

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    I've been using a collection services for about 2 years now and how I actually signed up with them, they called me by mistake thinking I owed a bill I already payed. But all they asked for was some simple info about your buisness and had me sign a paper and that was it. They take a percentage of your money when they get the people to pay which sometimes comes out to 50%. Don't expect a great return though or a payment anytime soon. Being able to send a letter letting them know they'll be sent to collections usally gets the ones who will pay you to do so. I use the collections mainly because I fill something should be done to these people who still your services and it seems like to much a hassle to go to court. oh yeah and give your collection agency detailed accounts about these customers.
  6. KindGardener

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    Jay - I'm also in So. Cal - Which agency do you use?
  7. kutnkru

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    I like to park my stakebody in the middle of their driveway at about 645am. Then when they get ready to leave I just inform them that this is a curtesy call because they havent returned my two (2-thats all they get) phone calls pertaining to their overdue balance, and was wondering if they could write me a check to bring them up to date.

    I tell them something like "Obviously its been overlooked because they havent called to cancel our services. I hadnt thought there was a problem with the statement since they also had not called about a discrepency in the billing within the first 7 days of recieving it. I would greatly appreciate it if they could take a moment to write me check to bring their account up to date??"

    If they dont have time, then upon returning to my truck it wont start or something. How inconveinient for them to be late to work, or lose money because of someone else being inconsiderate to their needs.

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    Jay - I'm also in So. Cal - Which agency do you use?

    J.M. Hollister youll probaly have to find one in your area though I think they just do local accounts1-800-266-4100
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    Ive done the same.Be careful though I had
    one pull a 38 on me last year.Im easy to get
    along with.But I dont have much patience
    with someone I know for sure is deadbeating.
    Work hard forum and dont like to sweat for nothin.
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    Never had any guns pulled on me ,,, yet. I know what you mean though awm.


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