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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by imowit, Dec 26, 1999.

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    I mow a 20 acre cemetery along with<br>my commercial and residential jobs.<br>I use tractor type mowers with 38<br>inch decks (JD GT275) at this time<br>and I can get between most of the<br>headstones.It takes me about 32 hrs. to mow it. I can see how a<br>50 or 60 inch. midmount ztr would greatly reduce this time because<br>the cemetery has some wide open parts.<br>Most of my residential jobs are big<br>yards which I am required to bag.<br>Is anyone out there using a midmount ztr with a collection system? How well do they work and how does the machine handle? I<br>notice that some of them require<br>front end weight.<br>Your thoughts on this will be <br>appreciated.<p>----------<br>Mike's Lawn Service<br>
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    Why are you still collecting grass<br>clippings? I stopped bagging in 1991 when I bought a mid size toro<br>walk behind (gear drive)with a 48&quot; recycler deck. Now I just use side discharge<br>decks (Toro)with mulching blades and I can mow grass that is 10 days<br>old in the height of the growing season at 2 1/2 inches at the highest ground speed.<p>Add a stand on sulky and you have<br>ZTR performance at 1/3 the cost.<br>
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    I have some customers that just won't have it any other way than bagged; but they pay good enough to make it worth while.<br>The cemetery that I mow has very rough ground. Wouldn't a rider be easier on a person than a walk- behind with a sulky? I'm 50 years old now and it seems like I wear<br>out quicker than I used to.<br>Thanks for your ideas. <p>----------<br>Mike's Lawn Service<br>
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    I cut a cemetery with a Walker 48&quot; with grass collection system, saves me lots of time cleaning off stones and is very easy to work around stones and trees.
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    Mike, I am glad you posted this. I own lawn tractor with bagging system. It has served me well during leaf season. I just purchased a mid-mount ZTR. I am going to need a collection system later. I have looked at the Cyclone Rake. It may work great for the homeowner but I am not sure about commercial use. I am smalltime now and it would not get worn out soon but I hope to change that small to big soon. Good luck in you quest to find the perfect collection system. If you find please share. <p>Thanks<p>----------<br>Jeff<br>
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    The cyclone rake is made in a commercial version also.
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    I mow a 5 ac cementary in 3.5 hrs all stones with a 52in midmount toro ztr its just to bad it takes me 3hrs to trim,but I also have a bluebird bagger with 5hp I/C briggs for the mower it works fairly well have to slow up a bit when using it. It is pretty long though with the weights on the front and bagger on back it does a good job with grass but has little bit of blowout the front of the deck with leaves just have to get the hang of it when you turn around cause of the length.
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    Anyone notice that this thread is over 3 years old?

  9. Errr a yeah when I saw LarryFlint I ean Lawrence Stone.

    Bring up old threads that have usefull imformation, not something that has been beaten like a dead harse.
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    Those 2 guys never even signed up to be members.

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