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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Today is my call and collect my money day. I only have one that is over 90 days - only $64. My tech did a repair while i was on vacation and we were to bill the subcontractor who damaged the system when installing cable. I informed them today if I don't have it by the 10th that a lein will be placed on the home and they can fight with the homeowner. (Doubt I will do that, homeowner said they would pay me if not taken care of soon). If I had been here I would have told my tech to bill the homeowner and they can collect. I keep getting the run around about they need a W-9 form. I did fax that 3 weeks ago, and also since my company is a corporation, they don't need one legally.

    It's also funny how when collectiong money, I usually get their voicemail. I hate chasing money.
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    It's funny when it's time to pay it's hard to get ahold of people, on the other hand we have to be available 24/7.

    It's always a good idea to bill/collect from the homeowner, we have a policy that if we are called to do repairs that someone else damaged we collect from the homeowner and let them know about it first so there are no misunderstandings that it's their choice to get paid back from whomever did the damage.

    We used to get alot of lawn cutters that would break a head and say " oh just have the irrigation company send us the repair bill " and then we could never get paid because we were " charging too much, I could've done that while I was there" Well you should have then jacka**.
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    Like I said, we usually do that as well, but I was out of phone contact in Montana and my tech just did what he thought would be best. He knows differently now though. Yeah, nothing like the lawn guy thinking they are going to get a break from us for replacing a head.

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