college/business can it be done

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    thanks, that seems like what im preparing for in a nutshellThumbs Up
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    Hey, I'm cody. I'm a junior in college and mow too. I set up my school schedule so I come tuesday and thursday all day and that's it. Last semester I took 15 credit hours and this semester i'm taking 12 so i'm full time. I'm not in debt at all and we mow 30 yards a week. I'm also an electrician 3 days a week right now. I'll cut that back to two days a week when mowing starts though. That's mostly a winter job but I can't quit cuz my boss is awesome and it's super flexible. We are also growing 300 tomato plants to sell green tomatoes to a local grocery store. I can tell you that it can be done if you plan it all out right.

    I own a 36" walk behind, a 48" hydro walk behind, a 60" dixie chopper, and two 72" dixie choppers. We also service a couple 10 acre accounts, an 8 acre condo development, my yard is 7 acres, one is about 4.5 acres. and all my other yards are less than a couple acres. I still get to see my gf a lot and hang out with friends. I always get A's and B's in college. Last semester I got 4 A's and 1 B. I have one very dependable employee which helps more than anything. And all my equipment is nice. Just get whatever yards you can and then if it's too much drop some or hire some help. Or if you decide you can handle more then try to get a few more along the way. 30 seems to be getting close to my max though. If it rains I feel the pressure sometimes. But it definitely can be done. You just have to try it for yourself and see what works for you.
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    wow man, thats VERY impressive. that just gave me the OK to keep going with it because after these last few posts im more than confident that it can be done. thanks for the info and keep keep it up:weightlifter:

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