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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GreenMan33, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Ive heard that alot but.I.just.dont think ill have the.time.if.I grow, and if we have another winter like.the last one ill be screwed
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    Go to school, you can work the rest of your life. Having some type of degree would possibly give you more choices in the future. It's easier while your younger. I have associates degree that I just got last year and I'm 32. Could have gone to college right out of high school but I chose not to. I regret that. I love doing lawn care and cant see myself doing anything different for now but some day who knows, I may change my mind. Don't let people try to sway you not to go by saying it's a waste of paper. Sure, you may never need that piece of paper but better to have and not need that need and not have.
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    Really? I give you starting position on any professional baseball team, vs. a Firefighter… which position has skills that are more needed and in higher demand?

    A college degree doesn't help either one of those positions do their job better.
    Chances are very high both of them have degrees. But both positions don't need them.
    If you want to go very high in the fire department you WILL need one…but it's not going to be in Political Science when you get it.

    Do you want to live in society with No janitors? No Garbage men?
    we're headed there….

    Waste disposal business is extremely lucrative in fact.

    My father was a doctor, we lived in the same general community as Martha Stewart and Paul Newman… a guy four houses down from us was the Local Garbage man, He made A lot of money… of course it was his business, but he and his boys were the ones that drove the trucks and collected the garbage.

    Infrastructure is one of the main things that's crumbling in this society… roads, bridges, community services… everyone is trying to run off and get degrees to "make big money" and avoid work. But like I said, MOST of them aren't even in jobs they were promised when they signed up to go to college.

    When the corrupt government, is investigating something for corruption (like the our nations higher educations system/issues) you know it's really got to be bad!

    There are legit universities with legit degrees no doubt.
    But this nation has bastardized all that with these messed up for profit colleges which essentially take every and any applicant…otherwise known as diploma mills.
    You got a pen to sign a loan you'll never be able to pay off and default on?Great! you can come to our school!

    Most of these people would be denied access to a legitimate higher eduction institute, and for good reason. They don't belong in college.. they belong asking you if you want fries with that.
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    Need and demand don't necessarily have to go together, but... if you can hit a 100 mph fastball and can hit home plate from centerfield, you are both "needed" and in high demand. If your community is having homes burn to the ground and Joe the fireman has the firefighting experience to put out house fires, Joe will also be "needed" and in high demand. The difference in pay is for obvious reasons, rarity being a big one. The skill it takes to be a professional baseball player is much more rare than the skill needed to be a fireman.
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    Wow, long rant.

    I was simply trying to say that the market tells us what a certain job is worth. Yes, I want garbage men - I also want the owner of that company to expect a return on investment for assuming all the financial risk of owning a company. If I don't pay a fair market wage for a sprinkler tech, the market tells me by employees leaving or no qualified applicants.

    I'm not advocating that college is for everyone - I'm advocating a thirst for learning (college, trade school, conferences, webinars, etc) in order to develop critical thinking skills that apply in any job or industry.

    I offer 100% tuition reimbursement for all employees. The subject needs to tie back to the green industry in general and the grade needs to be an A or B to qualify. Less than 5% of all employees take advantage, but they all want more money????
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    Being a third year business student has actually helped me attract customers, they all want to "help out the college kid"

    School does take a priority over work, but I tell ya, I am really starting to get sick of it. I've been "done" with school since 6th grade. Now I'm in 15th grade, and its really starting to get to me.
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    ^^ The school angle is a great one if you can use it. I loved having that be a bit of a "helper" to my business when it was putting me through college.

    Keep at it, it will be done soon!
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    A degree can't hurt unless you think you are entitled to something more. My philosophy is your raise is effective when you are.
    A degree may open a door or two but it may not. If someone needs that personal milestone or, in the case of a degree that's required for an industry, I'd say go for it but I think too many young people are looking at college as an end-all to getting the big house, nice car, and long vacations.
    Whatever you do, unless you are the lucky few, you will need to work your tail off. You can be the millionaire next door with the landscaping (or garbage) truck or you can make your millions in an office job that a degree opened the door to but either way, you are working your tail off.

    I'd leave it up to personal choice. I don't look down my nose at folks who don't have a degree nor do I worship those with advanced degrees. I've worked with unemployed MBA's..

    I have a degree. It was a personal milestone I wanted because I don't like to quit. I have BS (yep BS) in management. I work alone most of the time.. LOL.

    I have more college level hours than a Master's degree requires but I settled for a Bachelor's because I was working outside and I just don't "use" my degree. If anything, I use the skills of research, study, and presentation to get my ideas across.
    I guess what I'm saying is I learned more from reading, practicing, observation, and asking questions than I did in a classroom but then again, my degree has nothing to do with mowing fields, lawns, or trimming trees aside from the management aspects of using my time wisely and organizing my systems.
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    Bachelors in Residential Landscape Construction/Design. Associates in Ornamental Horticulture from Utah State.
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    I was a professional Fireman for a while. I now having nothing to do with the fire service at all. I went to school for what I thought I wanted to do forever. Turns out. My passion has always been lawn care. Here I am today making more money than the guys I was in school with. Sure I miss it, but fireman here get paid nothing pretty much. I drove a truck for lowes full time until I had the needed equipment and trucks for my company. I made more money at lowes driving a truck than I did as a fireman. You don't have to have a degree to make money. Sure to be a doctor you need a degree. If anything a business management degree is helpful for your own knowledge. I wished I had of gone into lawn care sooner than I did. This is my first year full time and I'm loving it. Sure I don't have many accounts right now but I enjoy my work and being home with family on holidays and off on weekends if I choose to be.

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