College educated or not ?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Shades of Green LService, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Shades of Green LService

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    Who's " college Educated" and who has just been in the field for a while and have learned by doing and taking classes here and there. I am not. I have been in the green Industry for 14 years and have aquired what i know by asking questions, taking classes here and there and by working. I feel i have a pretty good knowledge for what i do and have taken a business from nothing and made it successful. This not a bash on someone who has a college education, i just thought this would be a good topic.
  2. ted putnam

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    I have a BBA Marketing from University of Central Arkansas. Honestly I now wish I had a Turf Management Degree. I learned everything I know either "hands on" or through a couple of Mentors I've had through the years. I charged my first piece of equipment on a credit card because my bank at the time didn't believe I could make it. Needless to say I now bank with someone who knows me by my first name and write a check for me before the paperwork is even done.....Things have changed!
  3. grassman177

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    i have a truf degree and business degree. it makes me able to sell better i think but it is not needed, plenty of great lawn care companies that dont have a college degree
  4. americanlawn

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    Shades --- You have my utmost respect. I admit that I have a PHd in hort, but that is merely a piece of paper. Most of what I know is because of first-hand experience. I congratulate you for your success.

    Your Iowa bud, Larry:waving:

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a B.S in Agronomy and a two year turf certificate from P.S.U, with this said I know so many guys and girls in this business who have taken other studies or none at all and are very successful and filled with Knowledge about just about everything you could imagine. Hands on training in this field can be replaced with no education, I only decided to go to school for this at such a young age because I was working at a former U.S Open course through High School and had an awesome Superintendent take me under his wing, if it wasn't for that I would have gone another direction. I see so many kids now getting out of the four year program who are so clueless, I mean they can't even start a lawn mower, it's really sad. My opinion is education is great if it's for you and if it's not you can still be a winner with common sense and drive.
  6. rcreech

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    I think if a person that has a degree in another field such as Engineering or Nursing etc. then they wouldn't know anymore when getting out of college for our field. Or you can have a preson with a degree in our field that slept in class everyday and didn't care and has a bad attitude. So I think it just depends!

    I would say that if a person has a degree in hort/turf or ag etc it should definitly help....but isn't needed.

    As stated earlier experience is probably most critical in this business!

    I have a BS in Agronomy/Turf and I think it helps me sell to my customers as it helps people gain trust that I know what I am doing. I also have a good understanding of plant physiology/biology and chemicals. This can all be learned through experience I am sure...but if I wouldn't have learned this in a classroom setting I am not sure how much I would have picked it up.

    Just as I wish I would have taken more business/marketing classes (but I totally hated them). I think (or would hope) that a guy that took a lot of business/marketing classes would do a better job then me running a business (which is my weakest link IMO). You can learn business/marketing from experience, but if a person learned it before they started a business then I think they should have a head start!

    Maybe I am wrong here though!

    Long story short....I don't think a degreee is needed at all, but I think it makes for a good base!
  7. RigglePLC

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    Ph. D Plant Pathology, Michigan State and Iowa State.

    But I think a good mind, a determined, highly competitive attidude, and an appreciation of both the science and art of growing grass are the main things needed.
  8. Shades of Green LService

    Shades of Green LService LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks Larry,
    I think this site is an example of a tool for learning and reference that people who can't go to a college for what ever reason can take advantage of. However, like RCREECH said higher learning CERTAINLY has it's advantages. Great feedback!
  9. LLandscaping

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    Hopefully I will graduate this year with a Bachelors in Marketing. So far all my experience is field experience and some came from pesticide classes, etc. I was planning to go to Auburn out of high school and get a landscape/hort degree. But I didn't want to give up the business and Auburn is one of the few in the state that has the bachelors program (3 hours away).
  10. turf hokie

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    2 year degree in Agriculture with a concentration in Landscape and Turf Management from Virginia Tech and a 2 year degree in small business administration from the local community college.

    Gave me a great base of knowledge, still rely on some old text books (Dirr) gained a lot of experience being out in the field as products change and you learn how things work are not always what was in the text. Made alot of contacts and friends within the industry, guys that have PHD's and make the molecules of some of the products that we use out in the field today.

    Plus we had plenty of good times:dizzy:.

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