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    Good Afternoon,

    I am a former owner of a landscaping company seeking employment in the industry after graduating with a double major in both Finance and Business Law. I am open to relocation but as of now I currently live west of Columbus in Hilliard and also have a room at my sisters house in Cincinnati. I have passed both test required to apply fertilizer in Ohio however I took them in the spring of 2006 and believe I would need to re-take them in order to be licensed. I passed both of them on my first try with a day or two of studying so obtaining the license again will not be a problem!

    A little about myself and history in the business....Like I mentioned I am a former owner of a landscaping business which at its peek serviced 52 accounts around the Cincinnati area with two crews and 5 employees. I did this while attending Cincinnati Moeller Highschool, where I graduated in 2007. I was able to start the company by obtaining a two year $20,000 loan from my parents in order to purchase equipment and another firms client list and contracts. Unfortunatlly I had to make a decision of whether to continue growing the company or pursue my college degree and I picked getting my degree. So in August 2007 I sold my contracts and equipment and started my degree at Miami University. I graduated June of 2012 with a double major in Finance and Business Law and since then have been prepairing and studying to take my LSAT and GMAT as I plan on pursuing a program which allows me to obtain both my degree in law and a masters in business. However this is a very expensive program and I have maxed out my favors from my parents so I plan on working for a few years until I have enough saved to comfortablly obtain my degrees. (All schools require that you do not have a job while pursing both JD and MbA.)

    I truely do have a passion for this industry and am skilled and knowledgable with all the equipment and tools used in the field. I have management experience and have proven through my track record that I have what it takes to be an effective leader. However I would not mind working under a crew chief and believe I can be just as effective working under someone. I simply would love to get back into the business anyway I can!

    If you would like any pictures of my past work (Landscaping Jobs, Paver work, lawn mowing, ect) or a copy of my resume please feel free to get back to me on here or email me at

    Thank you!

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