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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Trevors Lawn Care, May 14, 2004.

  1. Trevors Lawn Care

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    This thread may fall in line with the thread of teenagers in the business, but i didnt find anything in my search.

    How many people on here own their own LCO and go to college at the same time, and how do you manage it?

    I will be attending school full time come September. The school is two hours from home, but no friday classes. I think i am going to drive home each thursday night to cut all day friday, and sat., maybe Sunday. I also have a full time worker who will be able to help during this time. It will only be for about a month before the season ends. I am trying to figure out if this theory will work or not. YES RAIN WILL SUCK.


    How do you guys do it?

    Think this is feasable?

  2. LHLawns

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    Yes, I have been doing the same kind of thing four four years now. I've found that the biggest problem scheduling is in the spring rather than the fall. I've always set my class schedule up so I don't have classes on Friday. I've even been able to miss Thursday classes by explaining to the professor that I am operating a business to pay for my education. Be prepared for some long days and best of luck.
  3. G&Plawn

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    I do the same as far as go to school and try to operate my LCO
    its a bit of a jugle but it can be done
    The short days that you have in class do as much as you can and then weekends and days off. If you let your customers know that you atteend school and have to work around tht schedule some may be ok with it and you may also lose some. the best advice i can give you is hit as hard as you can during the summer and then lighten up for fall and spring.
  4. Woody82986

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    I go to UNT full time and work 5 days a week. I now live 30 miles away from the town I operate in, which is due to the fact that the university I go to is 60 miles from the town I grew up in and operate in. I live half way between work and school. I get up, drive to school, get out, go to work and then go home when I am done working for the day and study or whatever. It makes for very very long days, but at least I am never bored. I get out of class by 12:00 and I am normally pulling up to my first clients home by 1:15 during days when I have class. I agree with G&P, you should hit it as hard as you can during the summer but be very careful not to overload yourself with either too much school or too much work or both will end up suffering.
  5. TheKingNJ

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    .I'm going to County college right now. I know where I will be transfering next fall and it's an hour away. I've been working on getting some comercial accounts in the area that my college is in. I haven't had a problem in the fall, but in the spring is when I get overloaded.
  6. tiedeman

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    I did it, would not like to do it again. No time to myself and I spend more time with the business than studying for my classes
  7. barringtonbrothers

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    Im on the 7 year plan at the local community college.
  8. tiedeman

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    HAHAHA...that was the same with me :)
  9. McCauley3

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    I'm about to start my third year of college. I schedule my classes from 8-11, so that leaves plenty of time for work. I'd rather work in the mornings though, these Texas summers are rough. As far as balancing school and work, I find myself more willing to do maintenance and update the books than study. But I do well in school and almost done, now I've just got to decide what I'm going to do w/ a degree. Hopefully somthing on the business/marketing side of the lawn care industry.
  10. TheKingNJ

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    yeah i take 5 classes a semester and 1 in the summer and winter. I'm very confused, i'm majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business but i think i'm going to just try and expand my business into a huge company and go into excavating.
    My degree is going to be worthless for me.

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