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    Hey guys,
    I am doing a paper in my Plant Science 334 class (turf mgmt) and chose a topic on fertilization. The professor wanted me to pick a certain aspect on fertilization since that is too broad. He gave me an idea of warm season turf fertilization vs. cool season grass fertilization. Arent they the same??? I have to give a 10 minute speech and about a 5 page paper. I was going to see what the "experts" had to say. I can probably still change it, so if there are any other topics relating to fertilization that will help me after I get out of school with my company, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    I would love to do research on Plant Growth Regulators...If you can, i would change it to that. The concept is really interesting and the results are even more so. I cant wait to play with them this year :D
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    Very good topic, if you're gonna be working in TN. You will need to know how to feed both cool and warm season varieties. And they ARE NOT the same bird.

    For a good start on cool season turf go to

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    Hey MacLawn,
    I knew you would be the first to reply! I might change it to "plant growth regulators", but how would you use them as a business owner. Is it something a company would use often or is it something that would be fun in a lab. Some of the other students are doing research in the lab, crossing strains of grasses, grafting, etc. I wanted to do my paper on something that will help me in the future with my business. Oh, and MacLawn, Im sticking around to get my minor in business mgmt since that last post a few weeks ago on education. GroundKprs, I appreciated the link to the Purdue page, Ive been getting alot of help from that extension service, they must be really noted in their turf field. Thanks guys and keep it coming.
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    GR can be used on shrubs to hold down pruning cost. This is real important on large commercial contracts like shopping centers etc.

    Don't forget hills and banks of turf that might require labor intensive weed eating etc.

    Citrus growers use Roundup as GR between trees to hold down bush-hog costs. This is cheap at 0.5 oz per thousand

    Finally to steal from Tremor GR not only hold down top growth on turf but cause a deeper green because of shorter cells in plant. Tremor preached GR on upscale turf to keep manicured look between cuts and dark green color. Of course Tremor implied buy GR's from him. :D

    Good luck it should make a fine paper and give you some valuable info.

    BTW the way You must send me a copy of your paper if you expect to Pass. :)
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    Great to hear about your business minor...that is gona help you alot.

    Ray(kirbyslawn) has done some testing on his clients' props and he has found their Regulated lawns to be much more drought resistant. He and Tremor attribute this to the fact that instead of the grass growing verticly, it grows lateraly and downward..thus increasing its root structure.

    I am going to be photographing my "research" this summer with different scinarious. I actually really want another draught, equal to 2002. That way, i will be able show proof that this works and then the rest is in the basket. payup

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    Great info guys, I will probably change the topic, I just spoke to my professor and he said its fine. Ric, do you use PGR's in your business? Is it like spreading a granular fertilizer? Does it come in liquid form as well? Is it a one time app or continuous throughout the year? If it gives plants a deep green color and cuts back on mowing, surely customers will want it. They will probably pay top dollar if I can do some testing and prove that it works good in my area. Ric, Ill send you a copy of the paper. Thanks for the replies, anyone else???
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    Here's a topic for future reference if you need to do another one. I read this in one of my prof. magazines. Scott's is supposedly developing a genetically altered pollen to develop a turf grass that does not exceed 2". Beyond the obvious of putting us out of business, I'm more concerned of the effects of possible hybridization of this pollen with our forage crop. Our entire food chain is based on the ability of forage crops to convert sunlight to food for animals. What happens when forage crops become to short to bale or graze? If we're starving to death, making money will be the least of our concerns. And I have faith that these "rocket scientists" will undoubtedly screw it up.
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    Phi Phi Kappa Alpha

    Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I have used PGR but I don't use them on a regular bases. I charge for Fert & Squirt by contract, but do trimming by the hour. Can you guess how health and well fed my customers plants are?:D

    One thing I have used PGRs for is to promote inward growth to thicken hedge rows.

    However I have a good friend (former prof of mine) who now takes care of a 90 acre upscale old folks home. Gregg not only talks the talk but walks the walk. This complex is the best kept commercial property in 3 counties or more. Gregg was a demanding teacher and does things by the book. He was the only prof I never got a A from. However we are friends and he has hired me to do work for him both on his own home and job. Bottom line is Gregg uses PGR on a regular bases with great response. They are an important part of his budget. He uses PGR on his ornamentals mostly.

    Uniroyal seems to be one of the leaders in PGR manufacturing. Give them a ring and I am sure they will give you some help.

    Marybeth Stiberth
    Uniroyal Chemical Company
    Benson Rd.
    Middlebury, Ct 06749
    (203) 573-3456
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    Does anyone have any experience with proxy versus primo??? Proxy bears the danger label, while primo bears the caution label and is much more??? What is the logic in this. Which Plant Growth Regulators do you guys like the most and for what reasons.

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