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    I am doing a presentation in one of my classes on how to start and maintain a small lawn service. I did some calculations for an example of start up costs and i am coming up with a very small profit. For simplicity i assumed in the example that you had the cash to buy mower, trimmer, blower, small trailer, and already had a half-ton pick up truck. I included overhead such as insurance, marketing, maintinance etc...

    I know its not likely for most to have the cash to start up, but if you did then it can be possible to make even a small profit right??? or am i missing something here? Just want to make sure i make sense talking in front of a bunch of other students.

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    Yes you can make a profit with hard work so tell your fiends to stay in college and get better jobs :waving:
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    sounds alot like my start up recently. already had half ton truck, cash for all the other equipment i needed. got my commercial auto policy, as well as gen. liability insurance. No payments on anything except the commercial auto policy now.

    but as far as profit goes? If I pick up a certain amount of customers this spring i will see some profit for sure, its possible.. i've been getting calls every week. this is my second year, but first full year.. Last year was a total bust.. because i was working a full time job. I had started mid season last year and I started with 0 customers, had 1 by the fall. i know some go under the table for a while then go legit.. but i didn't do it that way. it has been a rough road to say the least.. but still optimistic.

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    agreed! :laugh:

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    I did a project like this for DECA, I did it for snow removal and landscaping. Made huge profits. But thats in a perfect world... and I inflated the profits a little to impress the judges... still came in 10th.

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