Colletcion Systems, Toro Z vs. Exmark??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shuter, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Shuter

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    Any opinions and experiences with Toro Z collection systems and Exmark Z collection systems. I have always used Toro which is a vertical prop blowing the grass into the tube. I am in the market for a new Z and am comparing Toro Z 400 and Exmark Z HP, both 23hp/48". The Exmark has a horizontal blower, which I have no experience with. Any thoughts????
  2. soccerlawn

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    I have a toro 44" and I love it, the only problem is sucking up the leaves that are stuck to the ground. And I think exmark will pick up more leaves but may get clogged easier.
  3. Bulletproof

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    We run Exmark 48" HP's and we don't have any complaints. You'll have grass plugged if you're mowing long grass if it's really wet, but it'll never plug up unless you're vacuuming a ton of leaves and you're trying to cut at full speed.

    I have personally never used the Toro ZTR's but I'm sure they're roughly the same quality on most aspects as the Exmark...

    Hope that helps

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