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  1. Grass_Slayer

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    i was workin for an older lady a couple weeks ago (spring cleanup that needed to be done 2 years ago). she comes outside while im slavin with a shovel cleanin out her ditch, and tells me all about how her medicine that she has to take for her colonoscopy tomorrow makes her throw up all the time. i said im sorry to hear that and try to get back to work but she keeps tellin me bout it. im thinking, "i really dont want to know about this!!" finally she lets me get back to work.

    i really dont care that she talks to me all the time cause i got her yard for this season and it pays fairly well. any body else get to hear nice stories like this from ur customers?
  2. KDJ

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    Be nice, you will get old to. Send her a get well card and see what happens???
  3. Grass_Slayer

    Grass_Slayer LawnSite Member
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    i was nice, im always nice to my customers. i always ask her how she is doin and if there is anything special i need to do to her yard, but i didnt want to know about her colonoscopy!
  4. KDJ

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    I was not suggesting that you are rude to her, just that she needed to talk about it.

    I had a case like that, always taking to much of my time. But when we were talking I found out alot about her...Like she plays Bingo every wed at 5:00 pm. Two weeks later I told her I had to move her to a wed at 4:00 hehehe... Now she never has time to talk to me.
  5. Grass_Slayer

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    thats just wrong man!:D
  6. script

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    I used to have several customers that did that, and I'd try to be respectful, but I thought it got old. I dropped some and some have passed on. One that I do remember was 84 years old and would tell me about anything from his medicine and doctor visits to his younger days on the river. He was a ship pilot all his life and had many interesting stories to tell. His wife is a year younger than himself and needed care 24 hours a day, from feeding her to bathing her, and he did it all because he did not trust anyone to do it for her. He had cancer and could barely walk, but came out every week when I'd show up to tell me a joke or what his wife did this week. He passed away about 8 months ago and I must say that I do miss him coming out with an ice cold ensure meal replacement drink for me each week. I drank it because it made him feel good that he was giving me something to beat the heat as he would say. His son now pays me to keep up the yard and his wife is in a home, and every week that I'm there I find myself looking to see if he's coming across the yard to see me. I am so sorry for the long post, but for some reason your post got me thinking about my elderly customers. I have realized that I wasn't only their lawn care person, but someone that they looked forward to seeing and talking to each week. I think I'm still feeling the sorrow of Eric passing on this week and am realizing that no matter how small it may seem, those extra minutes that I spent listening to my customers gave them some happiness. Sorry I pushed your post in another direction, but just needed to say it.

  7. roscioli

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    I had a guy like this that I had to drop. Seriously I was stuck there for 30-45 minutes every time I mowed. I put him at the end of the day so it would only screw up my personal time. He was a decent guy, always had a cold Coke ready, but I just couldnt take it anymore, that and it was a "call and cut" situation, told him I couldnt do that anymore, and he got his daughter to do it.
  8. jaybird24

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    I do a few condominiums with mostly older people living there. I enjoy talking with them- All those years can teach you alot about life. In fact one of the guys I take fishing once or twice a year-we go to an old gravel pit and he picks out rocks to put around his beds. Now the colonostopy thing- I had my mother in- law go into great detail about hers- that I did'nt need.:p
  9. Premo Services

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    While reading your post, it made me think of my eldery customers. I have a few, and one in peticular, the husband was in bad shape with back problems, and alzenheimers. But you know every week on thursday his wife would tell me that he would perk up and say Al is comming lets go outside. When I would get there he would be out by the street waiting(which was pretty far from the house) and tell me what a nice truck and equiptment I had, and we would talk for a while. I didn`t mind, heck was a break for me, and I enjoyed talking to him. He died a year ago, and to this day, every time I go there I still look for him to be out there to talk to me. I also know that I am more than the lawn guy to these people and it makes me feel good. His wife is still there, and I do just about anything she needs to have done, if I can. I have the time its my last stop and would just be sitting in traffic. None of my customers have told me in detail about their medical problems, I don`t think I could deal with that.:eek:
  10. Grass_Slayer

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    i always love hearing all the older folks stories about the old days. and i love listening to this woman go on about her and her husband and her son and her grandchildren.

    her husband has eye trouble, and her youngest son has terminal cancer, but every time i go over there she has a kind word and somethin to tell me about how her yard used to look.

    they had thick thick thick!!!! 31 fescue for years, and nothin but it. she also used to have over 250 azalias in a space under 3/4 of an acre!! they just cant work on it anymore so she tells me what she wants and i do it for the lowest price i can.

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