Color branding trucks/trailers ??

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by KrayzKajun, May 25, 2014.

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    Sometimes I get called to clean up a lot that another mulching contractor dropped a bomb on. The first thing I do, upon starting, is take my signs off my truck. The last thing I want is someone driving by and associating my company name with a mess.
    Thought it may not be common, instances like that make me glad I use magnets instead of wraps or vinyl.
    I also like to take my signs off occasionally to just drive around "incognito". I live in a rural area and you get to recognize every contractor's vehicle pretty quick with or without branding.
    We've all had jobs that we wished our signs weren't on our trucks.. if you haven't, you will. :)
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    That is why I added the word "perceived" performance. I have certainly been a part of jobs that I would much rather not have.

    The point I wanted to make, was that you want your equipment coloring/graphic scheme to link your equipment to your company name, but not to forget that you want that link to be a positive one. Because your equipment will become very noticeable and recognizable with your company, your reputation for work quality will also be much easier to link. Getting noticed is only part of the equation, doing it right is the other half.
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    I know a few companies like that.

    Uh oh, here comes ________ . :laugh:
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    Haha those are the best!
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    I hope this works...


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    Nice rigs!
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    Thanks! We have a 3rd, a nice '97 Freightliner that's currently red. It may or may not stay in the fleet, that's why we have not painted it yet. It's only a 300 cat and i feel like it couldn't pull the skin off day old chocolate pudding. .... but i have never had a dump with less than 425hp. My old KW had a slightly adjusted 480 Cat in a tandem... :)
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