Colorado pickup sufficient enough?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kl3ankut, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Lazer Cut

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    Tandem axle trailers are overrated for just starting out, you could pull the 16 footer tandem though,,, empty ha. Stick to a 6x10 or 6x12. My setup is 6x12 trailer about 850lbs a grandstand 52" about 850-900lbs I believe, push mower, 3 trimmers, 2 blowers prob about 2k-2500 depending on what I'm doing and your truck could handle that. I would start with that. I don't see the need for the 16 footers unless you have 2+ mowers and lots of mulch, topsoil etc. I know though I will be adding another mower then another in the winter... so ill have a tandem axle. But my 6x12 is lighter, easier in tight neighborhoods, and does the job just fine, and I save on gas lol
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    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    the 6X12 would be much better for that truck
  3. MowDesign

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    My personal truck is an s10 and it can pull 2k easily, but the brakingdistance is a LOT longer. Invest in a 6x12 with brakes and you should be fine for anything you need to do.
  4. kl3ankut

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    Alritey sound good, thanks everyone for the advice, I am going to invest in a 6x12, and work my way up to an enclosed trailer, and a 1 ton dump most likely, I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.
  5. aeration

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    I have a colorado crew cab with a 4cyl. It has 175 hp. (20 hp less than the V6 in the full size pickups) I pull a 5x10 with 1300lbs of equipment. It gets the job done, but then again, I'm part time only in the aeration season. Check the manual, but I think the towing capacity is around 2900lbs.
  6. willretire@40

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    I would go with a 5x10. Plently of room for your equipment. Only reason I wouldnt go with a 5x8 is because they are a pain to back up.
  7. kilgoja

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    i have a 4 cyl 4x4 toyota tacoma...160 hp and tows up to works fine...i mean i have a 5'x8' trailer...why do you need one any bigger if you only carry one mower?...i put the trimmer, blower , etc. in the back of the truck...5'x8' will hold up to a 54" mower and a push mower with no problem...i mean if you start a crew and need more mowers then you can sell the smaller truck and trailer and get bigger stuff when you have the money to do so

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