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colour for dome light?


LawnSite Member
i was looking through the plow truck section on the site and noted that the trucks mostly displayed amber coloured flashing lights.i take it that this must be the common colour for plow trucks in most areas,i am assumeing that most of the pics are from the U.S.is this the common colour in most states.
up here in Northern Ontario Canada we use a flashing blue light. just curious!


LawnSite Senior Member
Dayton, Ohio
Here in Ohio the blue and red lights are restricted to police and fire/rescue units. Towing and plowing vehicles use amber lights. We do not do road plowing except for private plats that I know of. Our state trucks also use amber lights.


LawnSite Member
thanks for the replies guys.here the police/fire use only red lights.the amber lights are used in the summer for road work etc.if a person uses his truck in the summer for any road work they usually have interchangable blue and amber coloured lenses.the blue lights work great at nite in a snow storm,you can really see them from a good distance.


LawnSite Member
Nova Scotia
I think Ontario is the only province that uses blue lights for plows, here in Nova Scotia MOT uses amber. plow trucks tow trucks etc are allowed amber or green flashing lights.
Blue and red are police, Only emergency vehicles are now allowed flashing clear.