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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by grasschoppers lawn m, Mar 12, 2003.

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    For the last two years I have been solo,but last year I thought I had found the perfect worker. He work hard and his work was good. By the end of the year he started his own company. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal because he was more into mulching and that kind of stuff. as the winter came and now going we are talking about this year,thinking he could do all of my mulching and things like that while I do my fliers and just mow. The problem is now he wants to mow also, so he is now stepping on my toes and I do not know what to do. also I do not have any one to do my mulching for me. so if any one would like some extra work or if you know any one that is looking for part time to full time work please point them my way.
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    I was also burned by someone when I started. I work in the Catonsville area. I use employee non-compete forms for ANYONE who works. I got mine at It saves you from training your competition. Money does strange things to people. The guy who tried to burn me never made it anyway. We should be mowing in about 3 wks. GOOD LUCK
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    My best friend moved out that why last year. He used to live in New Jersey like me. I went out to Fells Point last year. The crab cakes were so good. The place he told us to go to was called Crabby Dicks. That name is so funny. The Harbor has many good restaurants. Never knew what a water taxi was until i went to the harbor.
    I felt so bad for my friend when he moved down there. It seemed like right after the sniper was attacking people down that way.

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    We were power washing decks about 5 miles from the sniper shootings last year in Rockville. Our son called in a panic because he heard a man was shot mowing a lawn. He forgot we were pressure washing that day. When we turned off the machines to answer the cell phone you could here the helicopters and sirens. Scared the hell out of my wife since she works with me.
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    I may be able to help you out, are you looking for a sub? or part-time help? I work in the Columbia area.

    email me,


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