Combat Extreme tttf seed?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bntt68, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. bntt68

    bntt68 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Have any of you used this grass seed? I spreads by rhyzomes I guess. Turf Type Tall Fescue
  2. awdriven

    awdriven LawnSite Member
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    I'm overseeding with it this fall. I tried a small test area and it germinated quickly and after three weeks it's pretty robust!
  3. upidstay

    upidstay LawnSite Bronze Member
    from CT
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    I love tttf. Puts down nice deep roots. Drought tolerant. Very wear tolerant. Not susceptable to most diseases or insects. About as bullet proof a lawn as you will get. There are some endophyte enhanced varieties out now too. I prefer a blend of 3 or more varieties mixed with a little perennial rye and some blue. I have used some from a local seed co with good results, and have always had good luck with lesco Teram Mates Plus, and their Tuff Turf and Tri Gold are great too. The Tri Gold is blue tag certified and a little pricey, but makes a beautiful lawn.
  4. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    I agree. The regular Teammates is great, and the Teamates Plus is even nicer ( touch of KB in it).

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