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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Apr 17, 2007.

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    Had this repair yesterday. When I first went out on it last week to see what equipment would be needed I thought it was just a 3" glue coupling that was leaking (since it was). However, I didn't feel this was the sole cause due to the amount of water and ensuing hole that was created. When we dug it up yesterday with the Bobcat backhoe we found that not only was the coupling leaking but an old Romac or Baker mechanical coupling had blown out. Can only assume that the leaking glue coupling created extremely soft soil which then would no longer hold the pipe in place at the mechanical coupling.

    GWHS Senior Court Main Break IV-01.jpg

    GWHS Senior Court Main Break IV-02.jpg

    GWHS Senior Court Main Break IV-03.jpg

    GWHS Senior Court Main Break IV-04.jpg

    GWHS Senior Court Main Break IV-05.jpg
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    I never ceases to amaze me how just a little more digging will result in such a cleaner repair.

    Used to run into that on the golfcourse all the time.....Gains couplings galore...or Kubotas ffs......dig a little and you can shove a 90 on ....

    Good job.
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    I'm afraid that we may have a few more main line breaks to deal with at this site. We cross-connected to the domestic source out front (with proper backflow) that runs a new soccer/football field on a 6" main that is boosted. It was to give the front and interior of this high school more consistent water and pressure since those areas are farthest from the pump and have the smallest main lines. I think we're finding all the weak spots from a 25-year-old system but after they all appear and are fixed everything will be fine. We've already noticed a real improvement with regards to coverage in zones that had slowly degraded over the years.
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    So I take it that you need to thrust block nearby joints when you use those newer dresser fittings?

    Does that ever concern you?
  5. PurpHaze

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    There are "pipe movement" warnings on all Dresser and other brands of mechanical couplings. However, I've never installed thrust blocks on a glued system and never had to go back in on one. I'm still kind of wondering why there was a mechanical coupling in that particular spot when a change of direction was so close by and readily repairable at that point.

    Not too much. If I know how the system was put together then I can act accordingly. If it's a shoddy glued system then it's really not my concern or fault and I just move onto the next repair when there's a failure.

    We turned the water back on at our two recent main line repairs and they're both holding. I was kind of nervous about the one where concrete is being poured and the guys had to kiddingly remind me that our repair work was better than the original install and that I'll be retired and gone before it leaks. :laugh:
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    Good catch Purp! Looks like it has been leaking awhile too. Possibly been looked at and repaired up top before by someone else thinking there was a leak there but not bothering to investigate further.
    You Da man.........

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