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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Bingham Brothers, Mar 5, 2008.

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    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to combine lawn service and snow as one 12 month contract. I am thinking about doing this for a shopping center- we have a 7 month lawn service contract and then snow is done hourly-- they suck at paying the snow and always say they didn't budget enough. It is a decent sized contract- about $26k for the last 11 months. They have always payed, just real slow and in talking with the property manager he said he would be interested in a monthly contract to help with budgeting- would help our cash flow also. I was thinking about $2500 a month- this is the only account I would set up this way in case we have a real bad winter. thoughts?
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    Set up your contract to include a maximum number of plowings for the season. Then if it exceeds that number they can elect to pay the amount in full, or add an additional payment schedule over a set time period. You may get a response like " well if it snows more we pay you, so if it doesnt snow then do we get a refund?" Just a thought
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    Use a local weather service to detrmine the average snow falls(plowable) your area typically has for the season...then estimate the job based on per occur. pricing...ex.. 1-4" your price 4-6" your price then determine the number of times you have to plow those you may plow 6 1-4 and 3 4-6" that will give you a rough total price for the season...divide by the number of months for your price for the snow season add it to your maint season number and divide the whole by 12......alot of contracts out there are 12 month contracts especially on mulit-family properties...just make sure you put limits on total snow for the season to protect against "record years"
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    Or still charge per push on the snow but contract the lawn maintenance over a 12 month period. We have done this in the past with some success. This way you don't get screwed on snow removal, and neither do they.

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