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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by qball98, Dec 31, 2003.

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    I would like to know what the prices of you products really are? From looking at you website the price is the same for the Mag9000 combo as it would be if they were purchases seperately. The grider is $580 and the balancer is $158 total $738 same as the combo price. Is this right? The link to the combo page says there is a 3% discount but on the Lot 1 combination page it says there is a 5% discount?
    I would also like to know if the Mag9000 and Mag8000 grinders and the Mag1000 balancer are in stock and ready to ship?

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    There is a 3% discount on the combination packages.

    **In the online store there was a mistake that listed it at 5% - thank you for bringing this to my attention - it has been revised.

    The 3% discount is off the the RETAIL PRICES.

    For example the LOT #1 consists of a:

    MAG-1000 @ $180.00
    **See balancer retail price listed here:
    MAG-9000 @ $580.00

    $760.00 less $22 for the discount and the price is $738.00

    The $158 price of the balancer is a ONLINE STORE ONLY promotion. The only way to get this price instead of the retail $180 is to buy the balancer online.

    Where the balancer promotional price can/may come and go - depending on season or marketing plan - the COMBO prices will always offer a 3% discount any time of the year, and to recieve the combo pricing you can purchase by phone/website/fax etc.

    MAG-1000, MAG-8000, MAG-9000 are all available to ship in 2-3 days or less.

    Thank you,
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    Thanks for the clarification


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