Come here to Vent about All these Newbies Ruining our Pricing

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by uniquetouchlandscaping, May 4, 2014.

  1. uniquetouchlandscaping

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    Is everyone now trying to get into sealcoating now where everyone is at.? These past 2 years have been crazy. Literally every day we have another 20 guys throwing a lawn mower in the back of their trucks and cutting lawns. The state is running out of names for And also, now I have another guy trying to sealcoat now. Its crazy, They see us make some money and everyone and their brother has to jump into it. Which would be okay if they worked for someone doing both for a year or two and learned the business and the pricing, but no, they dont do that. They have no idea and then they destroy the pricing that we have had for the past 20 years, which we will never get back, and 90% of them wont even be around next year because instead of starting small like we all did, they are able to get loans for everything to make it seem like they have been doing it a long time but after a year they see they didnt charge anything like they should, and bam they are gone, but the damage as far as pricing is done and we never get it back. Does any of this bother anyone else? I want everyone to make money i really do, but there is plenty for everyone if we all do it the right way. Its so crazy here in monmouth county, that i have guys rip off my signs off of driveways i do, and also have them put flyers in the mailbox's next door for like nothing and when the home owners call they say, you did a nice job on the neighbors driveway, when can you come do ours, and they say "thanks, anytime is good" and they lie and have no problem doing it, mean while that home owner wonders why his concrete and block have sealer all over the place, or wonder why a guy is spraying his driveway which is the same size as his, but he has do because he'll have streaks all over the place. But anyway, share some recent experirence guys. Thanks

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    I'm a new guy to the business and let me tell you not everyone new to the business is like that. I realize how much the material,insurance,gas prices,maintenance on trucks and equipment. I had some old man tell me yesterday I'm expensive... I replied back sir you get what you pay for. I gave him a very fair price and he has a bunch of cracks that needed filled and a good bit of prep work.

    It's not always a new guy that cuts other sealcoaters throats. .. it's other sealcoaters in general. Everyone is so worried about wanting to do ever job in a neighborhood they slash prices,water down material, and use no additive. when an honest guy comes to give them a quote with quality product they think you're nuts because the guy that did it last year was $40 cheaper and his crap washed away with in 6 months. I feel your pain buddy I really do.
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  3. uniquetouchlandscaping

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    Your def right , I didn't take that into account, we just need to stick together and keep prices where they should be fair for us and customer, the cost of gas and materials is always going up except our rates, they go down. But I hear ya, good luck my friend, I wish you the best, take care
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  4. dodgegmc1213

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    Samething in new york, but mainly the companies that been around for years. A few years ago we did a driveway, we got it all prepped and did the hand work, but then our compressor broke down so we block the driveway had our sign up and told the lady we had to get our other unit on the trailer, we came back and we notice another sealcoat guy put a flyer in her mailbox but no one elses. We had another customer that we were waiting to do, another company came by and gave him a price to do the oil base crap, he said no I have someone doing, he told them who and they talked so much crap like thats not professional. They gave a price to the neighbor, we found out how much and then we priced it we were about $25-50 more so we said screw it we'll match them since they want to talk so much, we ended up with both jobs and made them look great. But to stand there and tell our customer how we suck we use crap sealer we water it down blah blah blah
  5. southerntide

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    It's competitive business you have to give some now and then to ensure your jobs safety, I would of just matched his price or near it to keep the customer. Money is money we don't buy this equipment to not be use of selective of how we use it to pricing. Season only last so long getting crazier each year with weather and all this cloud seeding the Gov. is doing.
  6. 360lawncare

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    Yeah it is bad in NC too.. Put out Lawn signs around 20 and I bet almost ten have been ripped up! Pisses ya off but I knew some would get gone.. It is crazy to see the variables in this business.. The lawn side anyway you can go out and bid a job and have prices ranging from 25 a week to 65 a week for the same lawn, and who do you think they will take? Yeah the cheaper one just like the average customers think it is just grass a cutting a 10 year old can do it so why pay so much more... So you have to either base your business on getting volume over price or price over volume and I have tried both and volume is easier then selling your high price to customers with all the ridiculous low bids that keep getting submitted to people..
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  7. gusbuster

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    come to the west....nothing new.

    Why are you competing against those guys people.....

    You don't last 30 plus years because you try to price match what a fly by nighter charges one day. I rather have a client pay me a decent wage and have a loyal client that somebody who was just price shopping in the first place only to let you go for $1.

    its business, you win some you loose some.
  8. richsealcoating

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    X2. In business price matching for the sake of work is no good. Sell your great service, professional work and warranty it and you'll be around for the long haul
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    PGHSEALER LawnSite Member
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    I couldn't agree more ... there's plenty of work out there... I'm booked Weeks out and this my 1st year in business.
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  10. JFGauvreau

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    Yup, I always see new rusty pick up with a tank in the back every new year, they don't last.

    Don't want to talk to much about prices but we are roughly double the price for small driveways 700-1100 square feet.

    The cheap clients I simply let them go and stick to my price. Then pass by their property at the end of summer and the sealer is already faded, oh well that's what you paid for.

    Takes a lot of time to build a good loyalty based customer list. My loyal clients call me back every 2 years to re sealed their driveway, they know they will be paying more with me but they will get maximum quality and customer service.

    But no I cannot compete with them, I simply have more overhead then fly by nights so I can't even come close to matching their price just to simply satisfied a customer that will probably never call you again.

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