Come here to Vent about All these Newbies Ruining our Pricing

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by uniquetouchlandscaping, May 4, 2014.

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    I worked for a very reputable sealcoat company where I'm at for two years and now finally going at it on my own. I will be pricing at the same as my old company since I know what they charge of course, so I ended up measuring out my drive and cracks to see what it would cost. I saw a sealcoater drive by through the neighborhood last week so I closed my garage doot to hide my equiptment and flag him down for a quote lol. Let me tell you something guys, this gentlemen looked straight from a meth house/trailer park. Had a tote he was spraying from, his trailer sounded like it was going to fall apart, sealcoat from head to toe on him and his truck and trailer which it doesn't need to be, and he didn't look like he would have doe a professional job, teeth missing and all. So when I priced out my driveway for sealer and crack filler I came out to $245.00 for what i would charge to seal my driveway. This guy took a glance and quoted me $90.00 freaking dollars......I couldn't believe it I almost fell. What a joke.
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    Same here in central Ohio. I find you have to look for the customers that see the value in a good job not just the price. I get thelast guy did it for half the price the other year all the time. I tell them to call him back to do it again and they say he is out of business I reply exactly.
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    You about cannot go more than a 1/2 mile here and it is lots of country without seeing new guys, with resi's or big new mowers and new trucks, people packing push mowers in trunks with weedeaters hanging out. Handfuls come up every year this is worst I have seen no jobs around, but most of them are gone within the first year.

    One of my customers friends did the jump in to debt deal heads first never did this before bought 2 new Gravely commercials never landed a job in a year, people think it is so easy.
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    Its the economy...every dude with a truck is out mowing grass...I had a guy ask to mow for 5 bucks!...
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    There's no point in even trying to get parking lots around where I'm at.
    Most people bid between 5-8 cents per sq ft for one coat of sealer and hot rubber crack filling. It's better just to do two small driveways a day and make the same profit

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