COME ON.............................BE HONEST!


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Just wondering if it's me or if everybody has a tendancy to ride by their freshly cut property and think they must be the best guy in town! There has to be some room for bragging on yourself when you see a flawless lawn with nothing out of I'm good! I rag my helper all the time and tell him we must be the only professionals in town, everywhere we go there is something we've done that stands out. I get this proud look on my face like "I'm bad", can't nobody compete wi dat!!!!!!!!!I know other folks are doing good work but you have to be proud of what you do. The one thing I like about what I do is there is instant gratification, when your done with it you can ride off knowing you just "hooked" that place up!

If our grass striped like some areas of the country I'd really get the big head!!!! I know I'm not the only one that feels this way or ya'll wouldn't put your pictures up for everybody to see. I think we're all a bunch of big headed people and we should be. If you half a** something then run like crazy when you leave it, that way maybe nobody will know you did it! I tend to take my time, get a drink out of the cooler, wave at the passerby staring at one of the best in the business. I know others are doing this your truck all cleaned looking good........and don't even let another cutting crew come by!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then all you want to do is slam them and take a bow and say ya BOY, compete with this! Must be too early, got to get ready to go "hook" somethin' else up. Man.............I think my head is bigger than my monitor right now! I must be delerious or something, I guess I need to quit, but you know what I'm talking about. Must be cause we're just a bunch of bad (fill in the blank) son of a GUNS!

I got to quit now, heads leaking something, about to explode.

Ya'll have a good day.
And do good work, you don't want to be laughed at by the competition!


John DiMartino

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I dont take it as far as you,but I do admit to riding by and taking that way home with friends after work and saying wow,that looks good-without telling them that I do that lot,just to get there opinion.If they agree-then it goes to my head,just a little,then i go on Eric's site and it puts me in my place.I do however,in my opinion do the best work in my area.I guess we all do.


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Flint, Michigan
I definitely agree with the instant gratification concept. It's called; taking two steps back off the curb, and saying "Yeah!":)

Eric ELM

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When we get done on Friday, we see about all of our lawns as we drive home and I call that ADMIRATION TIME :D


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Sometime I will take a trip around the block and look at it again as I drive by in admiration, especialy If I have laid down some nice stripes. Hope the customer looks at it the same way I do


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South Bend, IN
I am very proud of my lawns too, Homer. But it can even get better. Like the time I was loading up in front of one of my best, and the lady riding by on a bike hollers out "A work of art!"
Wife said I'd have to sleep on floor that nite, head wouldn't fit in bed.


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I like my stripes and the job that I do and I know the customers do. My jobs don't get seen much by the public. A couple of them in nowhere-ville and the other is at the outskirts of town. I mow my piano teachers lawn. I mow it, 2 days later I come back for my lessons and there it is, looking great. I also look at competitors lawns to see what theirs are lookin' like. There are actually a couple guys in town that are pretty good. I know one of them and talk to him when I see him. There are also a couple out there that give us a bad name. There has to be a few like that or we'd all be the same.:)

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As I drive away I always like to check out how good the lawn I just did looks. And look for areas that I need to do better next time, but if I see a piece of grass out of place as I drive off I stop and fix it before I drive totally away.