Come See the Flex-Deck on the 36" eXmark Hydro Viking at the BBQ

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Flex-Deck, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. Flex-Deck

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    Come to the BBQ and demo a Flex-Deck on a new 36" eXmark Hydro Viking - 54" cut.

    Experience trimming and contour mowing with a single machine that you have never experienced before.

    Dixie Chopper got an email from a person in Florida that bought one Flex-Deck, and the crew went from 140 man hrs per week to 96 man hrs per week.

    It is your bottom line that counts, and unless you at least try it, you will never know what it can do.

    Thanks, Brad - Will also have a 455 JD All Wheel steer tractor.
  2. Doc Pete

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    I can't seem to find where your buddy lawnGodfather got back to me on those mower combos using the flexdeck. You know, the 12hp/36 Toro, which would be a 12/54, and 14hp/48 bobcat, which would be a 14/64, and the 17hp/52 scag, which would be a 17/70.
    I was wondering why if they were normal mowers, they'd be really hurtin' for power, but with the flexdeck they wouldn't. Does the flexdeck come with something we don't see/???? And sorry to be such a pain in the ***, but if your unit needs to be on higher powered power plants, then it would nice to include that in your constant "Sales pitch"...........And if not, please stop dodging the question tell us how your product seems operate without using any horsepower.
  3. Come to KC for the BBQ. I would like to see how thick your head is? I might even pay for you to travel.

    Who is dodging the question? You keep asking a question no one can answer.

    Put your Physics book away it is scambling your brain.
  4. Doc Pete

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    No one is trying to down play the flexdeck. And, to be very blunt, you are dodging the question. You avoid the question every time. If you don't have a horsepower problem then just explain to everyone how a stock bobcat 54 inch machine with 16 horsepower is underpowered, which we all know, BUT............a 14 horse 48 inch bobcat with your flexdeck on it, making it a 14 horse 66 inch machine ISN'T???
    AND, how come you have the flexdeck on a 36 inch machine with 15 horsepower. Most guy's have 12 or 14 horsepower.......
  5. Doogiegh

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    I was wondering if a Flex-Deck could be added to a 32" metro with a 12.5 kawi, but now that I see there is a horsepower question being raised without any good answers, seems to be a valid question...

    Guess it gets down to how many horsepower per inch of cutting swath and what is a minimum amount it takes?

  6. YOU DON'T READ VERY GOOD "You keep asking a question no one can answer."


    Take those physics books back to the library before you hurt your self.

    That's what engine it came with dummy. Look at what is available as options on Exmarks site if you don't believe me.

    Damn are you that dence?
  7. scott's turf

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    Lawn godfather what is your problem? It is no wonder all the people on here that have issues with you. He has brought up a valid point that needs to be answered in order for the flex-deck to sell. Aren't you the only one on here that owns one? Did you ever ask this question? Seems like the most obvious one to ask before buying a $1500 unpowered unit. Don't be so dense :)
    I have an old 54" bobcat with a 14 hp and it can be underpowered when the grass is pretty long. That ratio is 3.86 in/hp. The only setup that I could see this working for is a 36" w/ a 15hp like the one he just installed. That ratio with the flex-deck is 3.6 in/hp. I believe that the 36" mower is the ideal mower for this unit anyway. Being able to get through a gate and then mow at 54" seems to be the best selling point. It is a niche market but there may be enough interested. I am not sure what the minimum ratio of in/hp is required but I know that hydro units require more hp than belt drive to operate which inturn reduces the hp to the blades. If flex-deck (Brad) doesn't find the answer maybe it is because he doesn't want to.
  8. Doc Pete

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    OK, I get it. First, you can't answer the question, because you just don’t know the answer. Second, you seem to think if you belittle me, my facts suddenly become incorrect. And last, you want me to believe you can add another "full size" blade to a regular mower, giving it a much larger cut and making it a “universally accepted severely underpowered” machine, yet it’s “not” underpowered.
    If that makes me dense, then thank God I am…………Oh, and the word is “dense”, not “dence.

  9. SLS

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    Isn't underpowered a highly subjective thing???

    Take my mower for instance:

    On wet, Bermuda lawns that have not been mowed in a few weeks it struggles a bit. I have to slow down some and some times double cut to eliminate the excess clippings.

    On the other weekly-mowed fescue lawns are a breeze. Top struggle...even if a bit wet.

    Is my machine underpowered???

    Just curious.

    Besides...TORQUE is not equal to engines of the same horsepower. Check the specs for a Kohler 25 and then a Kawi 23. The Kawi's eats the Kohlers lunch in the "torque curve" a mile.

    Not all engines are created equal...even if the 'horsepower rating' is identical. Sometimes just the 'seat of the pants' test will bear this out. Demo a Lazer with a 25 Kohler and a Lazer with a 23 Kawi AT THE SAME TIME to see what I mean. :)
  10. Flex-Deck

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    Switchless - I think you have a legitimate question as to power.

    I have a JD 455 with 22 HP pulling a 60" main deck + the 18" Flex-Deck = 78" total - that would be 6 1/2 feet. I can mow at 10 mph and mow off up to 4-5 inches of grass. If it is a foot tall I have to slow down, no doubt about it.

    If a person wants or can get a 36" with 17 HP, fine, but I have had the 15 HP 36 with the flex-deck in positions of mowing off 3" of grass (I finish mow most of the time, I do not like let it get out of hand) (Dang, theres that 1/3 rule again) and it would mow well as fast as I could follow it.

    I am not familiar with sulkies and what they require, but I am convinced the Flex-Deck is very efficient, and requires minimal additional HP.

    I am sure that there are mowers out there that are already underpowered, and I agree that the Flex-Deck certainly will add to the power requirements.

    We have one on an old eXmark 36 in sterling IL. and the guy says it almost doubles the mowing capabilities of the machine, but I doubt he is mowing foot tall stuff either. Most mowers can handle the Flex-Deck very well in a finish mowing operation

    Hope this answers what you are looking to have answered,

    Thanks, Brad

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