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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Precision PLC, Feb 14, 2005.

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    I read alot about commercial accounts on here and I would like to find some commercial accounts myself how do I find these accounts and how do you bid on them?It seems that all the acccounts around here are gone and I never knew the were up for bidding.
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    Put together promotional materials. (Cards, Brochures, Flyers).
    I do a cover letters to briefly introduce myself, business cards for their wallets/rolodex, a tri-fold brochures that thoroughly summarize my capabilities, 1 page flyers to highlight specials and a folders to contain it all. Put several packets together, each in a neat folder.

    Start by calling on Property Managment Companies and Commercial Realtors on Mon or Tue. Determine who the person is in charge of contracting for grounds maintenance and arrange to call on that person within the week. Hand deliver your promotional materials all contained neatly in a folder. Explain to them you are looking to expand your business and would like the opportunity to bid on any new properties or existing properties where they are unhappy with the service they are presently receiving.

    I did this two weeks ago and was invited to bid 8 large apartment complexes (all $12 - $50k bids). I was shown around the properties by the persons I was actually submitting the bids to.

    I don't necessarily go dressed to the nines, more of a Lands End or L.L. Bean comfortable look as it would be kind of rediculous to tromp all over the grounds in proper dress shoes and slacks. Make sure your vehicle is clean as well.

    It's not as uncomfortable of a cold call as you think. It's just one businessperson talking to another.

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