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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Maxwell, Dec 8, 2001.

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    I think you've got it right, Ric.

    And that's why I'm paying for quality first, but also adding something for speed. When they see the formula, they'll figure out quick that quality gets them the most money. So they'll go slow to make sure it's right. after they get good at that, they'll begin to figure out ways to do it well, but do it just a little faster. And that will get them more $$.

    I can't say this system is perfect, because I haven't even tried it yet. And who knows what an employee might think of to circumvent something like this. But on paper, and based on my experience, it seems to be a good way to approach my situation.

    We'll see if what's on paper holds true in reality.........
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    Got to have some type of quality control when their paid for performance. Quality can go to hell if paid by production, if there ios no quality control structure.

    Try this site for labor infoDepartment of Labor
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    Maxwell, you said,
    Maybe Ric would have more "insight" if you would be more specific on why you want to go to production pay, if you want to 1099 your employees, what kind of work you do exactly etc.

    I find it strange that you come to this message board and the first thing you do is insult someone who is trying to help you and then brag about some stupid uniform and brand new trucks.
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    You need to relax a little bit. All your post about your fancy enclosed trailers and new trucks for your crews tells us is you have a very high overhead. I don't think that impresses any of us. By the way you talk, it makes me wonder why you even need to ask questions. Sounds like you know it all already. My experience with production pay is that it is very hard to keep quality at a high level. Most employees will do good work at first, but tend to rush through everything so they can get home early after a few weeks. Like it has already been said, the best way I have found is to pay an hourly rate. If the jobs get done ahead of schedule AND the quality is still there, then you could add a bonus to their pay.
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    I know I am just a little guy only drive 6 miles from first customer to last customer. Heck I can't even spell. In fact I am to dumb to own a calucaltor can't even spell the word. In fact I am to dumb to have roundup lic here in Fla. In fact I am so stupid I don't know how I got on lawnsite with the superior people like your self. I am sure my 1975 pinto 3 door hatch back and 21' murry is by far not as good as your equip. But it is all paid for and I made at least $700 last year and with my food stampes and medicaide I manage to surive. Please show me the way.
  7. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    Well good thing my computer messed up posting to this post or I would have missed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who cares if you have 1-2001 Ford like many do on here (BTW 2002 is out now)

    Who care if you have an enclosed trailer ( I hope it's big enough for your ego)

    I have nice little tight routes also, and I made them smaller earlier this year.

    The point is, I and many others have researched this and found it's not the way to go.

    Pro Mag. had an artical a few months back called "Flyin' Solo" that would be the only way to go paying commisions.

    Once you stick 2 or more clowns, whine bags, or babies in the truck commsion pay does not work.

    If you want others to help you out you might want to watch your fingers.

    well that's all I am going to say right now, but use the SEARCH funtion and read what has been written already.
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    If you call over a hundren lawn maintanance accounts inside a 6 mile area a tilllight little route. MORE POWER TO YOU.

    I said I do not have a roundup lic(meaning a limited pesticide lic) and that is true. But I do have a full book pesticide lic including Fumigation. I am 61 years old and have been in this business for 40 years between agi and hort. Your profile says your 37 years old.

    Yes you made me mad. Also a lot of other people as seen in the posts following yours. I advise you to change your screen name and start over again. You reap what you soo.

    I thank you all for defending me and hope you will not hold this against Maxwell. We are all here to help ourselfs by helping each other.
  9. Isn't it illegal to ride in/on a trailer?
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    The reply to my post was misunderstood. (my bad) I just logged on and saw the fuss. I was not bragging on the issue that our crews are in new trucks and uniforms , only that i do believe in quality and image in any industry. I took your answer at 5.50 worth as insult (misunderstood). I apologize. i own a pest management/lawn business, manage 14 employees and state licensed in termite,pest and lawn. our pest team is on comission / production. all i was wanting was a fair percentage number to pay lawn guys to work and motivate them to serve our customers
    not to make them go fast and loose accounts. i just like the idea and concept that you get paid for what u do thats all.
    the replys i recieved only brought up negative issues . All i wanted was some insight from the web forum. it was my first time.
    Sorry for the mess

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