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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by lahanko, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. lahanko

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    Can Exmark elaborate on the problems associated with the Kohler Command Pro 20 and the new high capacity air filter?
    Am I to understand that the carburetor needs to be changed to match the newer air filter?
    What are the symptoms of the wrong carburetor in regards to the new air filter?
    BTW I have a Toro 2002 Z150 that I bought early this season with the Command Pro 20. The mower continually likes to die out on hills or fast moves.
  2. Jman

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    From the information I received there is a venting problme in the carb bowl that causes a fuel mixture problem while running on side hills or while spinning in circles. Your local Kohler dealer can replace the carb under warranty. The carb number is 24 853 99-S.
    From everything I have heard this will take care of your problem. If your dealer has difficulty getting the carb, have them get intouch with their central distributor to help resolve the issue.
  3. eXmark

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    Thanks, thatÂ’s the information we've got as well. From what I understand the engines don't actually stall in this situation but they do have a noticeable stumble. All the feedback I've received from the field indicates that the problem goes away entirely with the new carb.

    The part numbers I have are a little different than what you've listed but your Kohler dealer should have the latest information.


  4. joehar

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    i too had the same problems with my new lazer hp,20 horse dealer replaced the carb with another and solved the stumbling.i was only down 2 days as the carb was shipped overnight.see your dealer and youll be happy.:D
  5. lahanko

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    Dropped the mower off yesterday morning for new carburetor installation and picked it up last night. I must say it seems to be a completely different machine, so far anyway just tested it last night.:)
  6. awm

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    my six yr old 20 command is the best ive owned. sounds like another case of fixing something that wasnt broke,by kohler or exmark. whoever made the mentioned change.
  7. eXmark

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    This was a new problem for Kohler. As a result, your six year old Kohler 20 with the standard air filter is not effected by this new problem. The problems occurred after the canister air filters were added to the 20-hp Kohler Command Pro's.

    Even if Kohler had some problems initially, the canister air filter is still worth the trouble. Keeping dirt out of your engine equals longer engine life. Long engine life results in a happy customer, and happy customers are usually loyal customers. Manufacturers really like loyal customers :D . If the canister air filter wasn't a big deal, Kawasaki never would have made it available on their engines.

    Thanks for the post,

    Exmark Customer Support
  8. Richard Martin

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    awm, your 6 year old Kohler predates the 1997 Phase 1 emissions controls. It wasn't a matter of fixing something that wasn't broke, they had no choice but to change the carbs. Also depending on the year of the engine there have been even more changes since Phase 1, namely Phase 2 which brought even more stringent emissions requirements which, in turn, required more carb changes. Blame the feds, not Kohler. They're trying their hardest to lower the emissions on a class of engine that contributes way less than 1% of total emissions. Never mind the fact that power plants release 60%.
  9. awm

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    appreciate u fellas explaining the situation ,to me. dustin ,i just appreciate good equipment. so yes u have my loyalty.
    ill look at others and if a better machine is out there,ill give it a hard look. but a great pt of satisfaction w any machine is knowing the machine. im understanding this lazer more all the time. so id be foolish to change without a real good reason. u fellas can be proud an i know u are.
  10. duramaxlt

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