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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wrestlingcoach, May 6, 2005.

  1. wrestlingcoach

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    "on business letterhead w/ all phone numbers"

    May 6, 2005

    Dear SO AND SO,

    We will be consolidating our mowing routes starting this week (May 9-13) because of rising costs like liability & workersÂ’ compensation insurances not to mention gas prices. We do not plan on passing the costs along to our customers. So, our plan is that if you live on the south side of the river your date to be mowed is Friday and the north side and west Tulsa clients will be mowed on Thursday.

    Your mowing day is __________________________.

    Due to rising fuel prices and paying an employee to drive along with us, please, call us if would like to skip a mowing. Notify us at least 1-2 days prior to your mowing day. Otherwise we will charging an $10 fee to stop.

    The last 3 weeks of school are very hectic for us; we will be having Shea Crawford mow during the day and we will be mowing after school. Shea is a very honest and trustworthy young man. I coached him in junior high wrestling and he has worked for us for over 2 years and does an excellent-detailed job. If he makes a mistake or misses something, please, notify us and we will be there as soon as possible to make the correction. .

    We apologize if this is inconvenient for you. Please, feel free to contact us for any reason.

    Thank you,

    Earl and Steve
  2. procut

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    Sounds pretty good, but to be gramatically correct write out the words "two" and "three".
  3. wrestlingcoach

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    mife will the same thing when i show her, former middle school english teacher
  4. pagefault

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    Should be "please, call us if you would like to skip a mowing".

    Also, I would just say that you have known Shea very well for X years and he has been working for you for the last two years.

    Saying that you coached him in Jr. High makes it sound (to me) like you spent a couple hours a week with him, along with 30 other kids, for a few months, several years ago, and that he probably wasn't a troublemaker.

    That's just me. I think that overall it sounds good.
  5. Texas Mowem

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    Try this one on for size. If I am your customer your costs or employees are of no concern to me. The only thing that matters is when is my lawn gonna be mowed.
  6. Charles

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    I wouldnt give them the option of "skipping a mowing" . I can hear them now. "Hey ralph, its not 6 inches tall yet. Call that yard fella and tell him no can do this week" "Hey ralph, we got to rent some extra movies this week, call that yard dawg and tell him to pass us by" "hey ralph my Karma is not in sinc, call that weed whacker and tell him to waite until there is a full moon".
    The ony time you skip mowing is when you decide its not grown enough due to drought conditions
  7. Reliable Lawn Care

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    I agree with Texas, if I am the customer, alot of that complaining in the letter is of no concern to me. Myself as the customer reading that letter, I am picking up on the fact that times are almost to hard on you to continue servicing my yard, and I would consider looking for another company before you fall off. Either raise the price for mowing my lawn, or don't. But don't try getting me to talk you out of doing my lawn when I know what I want, and if you don't want to do my lawn then say so. There are alot of others out there that would like my money. I hope I am wrong, just my opinion.
  8. jpp

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    I agree with Charles here. Don't give the customer the option to skip the lawn.
  9. DFW Area Landscaper

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    Wrestling coach,

    In the letter, you are defending your position. That's a sign of weakness. You should NEVER show any sign of weakness to a customer or they will eat you alive.

    Trust me on this. I've tried it both ways. If you tell a customer "this is my policy" and don't tell them why, they will accept it or or move on. If you tell them "this is my policy and here is why I do it this way" you are opening the flood gates for negotiations and exceptions.

    When I first started requiring credit cards this spring, I made the mistake early on of defending my position on the requirement. That would blow up in my face almost every time. Now, I just tell people we require them. If they push, I just tell them it's a deal credit card on file, no service. The latter method is working a million times better than trying to explain why we require credit cards.

    DFW Area Landscaper

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