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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kenmc5, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Kenmc5

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    Does anyone have experience or comments on the DR finish mower? It’s a 42 inch deck attachment with 2 blades for the DR Field and Brush mower. Curious if it leaves a nice finish cut. On our current yard we use a couple of Lawn Boys (w/ sharp blades) Once in a while I hire a service that uses Walkers. In my opinion the Walkers leave a nice looking cut.

    The DR would not be for commercial use. About to purchase a house that includes 5 acres of land. The house sits on an acre and has a steep hill. The other 4 acres was a field that hasn’t been farmed in a few years. Small saplings (scrub trees) are starting to grow in the field. Want to clean up the 4 acres and plant evergreens and hardwoods. I’m wondering how the DR field/brush and finish mower would work as combination mower (brush hog and finish mower).

    Thanks in advance for any comments, Ken
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    For what you're planning, are ya sure ya wanna walk that much just to cut the grass? I'd buy a small tractor with a bush hog on it, and a finish mower too for the job. I'd rather sit and mow than walk for many many passes to simply cut the grass nicely. thats just me though.

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