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Thanks for posting the FAQs. Lots of good info there. I'll have to reread those and some of the other lengthy and informative posts here in the forum. I've got stacks of books, but probably the info in this forum will be more up to date and accessible.

One thing that I think should maybe be mentioned in the FAQs mulch-mowing, which is a cornerstone of organic lawncare. It kills me to see all the LCOs in my area hauling trailers full of clippings to the compost site everyday. (At least it gets composted! In OKC it just goes to the landfills). You could even look at it like grass clippings is one of the organic materials to add to a lawn for fertilizer and to add organic matter. Except there is no need to haul it in and apply it. Just cut it and leave it! Mulch-mowing should reduce the need to add chemical or organic types of fertilizers and pesticides. Automatically builds the soil. And you aren't even doing anything - instead you are just not doing something. Not bagging the grass. A great savings for everyone. I wonder why everyone wants the grass bagged? I theorize that people are thinking in terms of the old days (when I was a kid) when you either bagged it or you had big rows of clippings all over the yard. Sometimes I will tell a new customer that I mulch-mow and they will say "What's that?"

Liquid molasses. Have not used it. But I have used dry molasses. I guess just a matter of what is most convenient to apply. Its easy to mix in the dry stuff along with other amendments. I guess the liquid would be sprayed.

Greensand. We could probably have a separate thread on this (or any of these issues). As I understand it there is a big difference in Texas greensand and Jersey greensand. Have never seen the Jersey around here, but I think its supposed to be better. I have used it to supply potassium in homemade fertilizer blends. (along with bloodmeal, bonemeal, molasses, compost, and cornmeal).

Howard Garrett ("The Dirt Doctor"). A very interesting guy. I have a couple of his books. Here is his website:
Tons of info there. He is one of the "gurus" of the organic movement. I generally trust him. But I did come across another interesting website that seems to be "debunking" him. For what its worth:

Anyway - thanks for the FAQs!
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