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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by steveparrott, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. steveparrott

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    Hi Guys,

    For those with the time and interest, I'd appreciate some comments and feedback on a new article I've written about the goals and principles of landscape lighting.

    Am I neglecting anything, or do you disagree with any points?


    P.S. this is not a sales piece and doesn't promote any product.
  2. RLI Electric

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    Steve, I think you did a great job on the article. Is it for the contractor or the end user? I have been thinking about this lately and the thing I might mention is that with the goals that you mention there is also artistic approaches to it. There are "many ways to skin a cat" so to say. One designer may approach the composition completely different than another. This is a good thing and not a bad thing. As long as the clients needs are met and fulfilled, that is the most important. Some may like a Picasso, some may like Hudson River School but the people here should not be providing "the starving artist solution". I don't know if this feedback helps at all.
  3. steveparrott

    steveparrott LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks, good feedback. The article is primarily aimed at the sophisticated homeowner. It's surprising how many times I get calls from homeowners who tell me they spent hours on our website learning about landscape lighting. I think that whatever we can do to engage the homeowner is time well spent. I would like to see more contractors' websites that share wisdom and passion in ways that elevate our craft in the minds of our clients.
  4. RLI Electric

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    Steve, if you visit my site maybe you can come up with some ideas that I can tweak it a bit. I would like to make the site as nice as possible and if there are any thoughts to make that happen it would be greatly appreciated. Actually, that goes for anyone. Thanks
  5. Pro-Scapes

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    That is a really good article. I can see alot of Installers and designers looking at as if it were written in Greek. When I wrote my last 2 articles I tried to keep things simple for the guys. No doubt yours is aimed at the educated client or designer who has no problem comprehending longer words.

    When our website crashed a few weeks ago and couldnt be recovered I took this as a sign from above that it was time to move on and reflect the higher position we are in today vs several years ago when we built our site.

    I am planning an educational page with articles I have written and links to others articles on it to help the educated homeowner realize the full potential of what can be accomplished with light. I have finally gotten thru to an interior designer I can accomplish with light the same thing she accomplishes with color.

    She can make a room feel playful...calming...energetic and inviting with her colors and decorations. We can do much the same thing with light.

    Kudos on the new article. Another one well written.
  6. Lite4

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    Good article Steve, check the content before release there are a few typos. Overall, very informative. Might be a bit much for the casual reader and you may lose them half way through with some of the technical and artistic insights, but the person who is really looking to learn about the "art" will appreciate the article and I am sure will give them a new perspective about our craft. Kudos
  7. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Really well done Steve. :clapping:
  8. indylights

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    Excellent article and I would not dumb it down (for lack of a better term). It is time as an industry that we elevate standards in product, installations, aesthetics, and results in order to keep professionals as the go to source for these trades. I for one am sick of everything having to be at a low common level where everyone can understand or perform the function, no matter what the activity. I had a coach in high school who used to tell us every day either you practice and get better or you get out, and I really think that needs to be said to a lot of people in our industry. If an experienced installer looks at this article like it is written in Greek they should be in another profession. (sorry for the long winded rant but this is a pet peeve of mine).

    Scott Maloney
    Sunflower Landscapes
  9. Pro-Scapes

    Pro-Scapes LawnSite Platinum Member
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    I don't think he should dumb it down either Scott but, I have also seen some REALLY talented lighting guys who could not keep up with an article like that. Do you think just because someone is artistic or can visualize a project they should have a high reading comprehension ?

    Is there some kind of hidden link between using big words and creating a pleasing experience of a property at night?

    Just because I wrote my article in an easy to read way does that mean I am not helping people by trying to make them choose quality over cheap hardware?
  10. indylights

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    To answer your first question, I didn't think it was at that high of a reading level, and I feel most educated professionals would know the majority of those terms.
    To answer your second question, no.
    To answer your third question, no.

    I choose to directly answer questions from those who ask me. Back to the point of the thread. Again, excellent article Steve.

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