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Comments on Revised Page?


LawnSite Senior Member
<p>If Chuck would allow this brief diversion...<p>Also to Phil, Chuck to let you know that I've increased my pledge to $20 from the pitiful $7.00 and will be forwarding a check soon. Thanks for a great site!<p>For anybody that doesn't already know the rate schedule page linked below descibes used equipment advertising options at another site. Not this one. <p>Advertising equipment here at LawnSite is TOTALLY FREE.<p>Anyway, I'm seeking comments on how the page appears on your screen...is it user friendly....what about content....is there anything you would change. Are the tone of my words confusing...arrogant....sassy...I appreciate your comments and value your opinions.<p>The link to the page in question is &lt;A HREF=&quot;http://www.turfquip.com/adrates.html&quot;&gt;right here&lt;/A&gt;<p>Hurry back to LS though, I just need a few minutes of your time!<p>Ed