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comments to my tread


LawnSite Senior Member
You mean the thread that you lost 12,000.00 to some mexicans, or the one that you have the oportunity to bid on a 400,000.00 job, an you would like to bid on it for experience...

Or should you use landscape leads to get buisness...No just advertise..

Bill before you start posting these questions, an the questions about why noone is replying to your threads, do a search..
I know you are new, but the search works wonders...;)


LawnSite Silver Member
Ontario, Canada
I read a couple of your threads. My Mom always told me if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything.
All I'm going to say is ....


LawnSite Fanatic
it could just be from the topic that you post. Some people find the topic interesting, while others don't