Commercail tagS......oops!

In NC you have to have "Commercial" now named Weighted tags if you haul a trailer or any type of weight. You do not have to be a business, but its a requirement for everyone if you haul weight.
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Matt, I think it's only over 7000lbs though, this excludes homeowners pulling their little trailers and also jet skis and most boats.
Thats 7000lb combined weight of your vehicle, trailer, and whatever weight you have on it. Which doesnt add up to a whole lot. That means i can just haul my trailer with the truck and thats it. Most people dont know that. They have gotten stiff on the fines for violating this lately too.

And its for everyone. If their boat and trailer and vehicle are over a certain limit then they have to have weighted tags.


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Here in NY you need commercial plates if you put a sign on your truck. also commercial plates are cheaper than normal plates so why not???