Commercial 30 or 36 Walk-Behind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JonesLawnCareWV, May 9, 2014.

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    I agree. Said it before you do not need a floating deck on a 36. He'll we had a 52 scag that was fixed

    All you need is an ocdc

    And Viking is same as turf tracer but fixed
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    If I only mowed small lawns or gated lawns I would own a 36 hydro WB. Belt drive sucks. Once you go hydro you will never go back. As far as a 30" goes the only reason I would own one over a 36" would be if I couldnt afford the WB. You will be just fine with a fixed deck 36. Also if you ever mow larger lawns you could get a sulkey for the WB.
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  3. GMLC

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    I agree 100%.
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  4. ProStreetCamaro

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    Wow that sucks I have never found a gate a 36 wont fit through. Actually our 48 lazer will fit through half of our gates.
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    This is very true.

    MOST "contractors" have no idea how far/wide 3'(36") is.
    They read about it, and imagine it in their heads, or they see it on the show room floor and say "that won't fit through my gates"

    They have no idea.

    Same guys that think the grass clippings they haul around require a 3/4 ton or heavier to manage them.

    They have no idea how much weight capacity 1300 lbs is.

    Truth is, the standardized gates for fences have been in practice now for a very long time. Because people realized small ones were too hard to get things into after the fact.

    I ran machines in New England for years, a Toro 44" fight through all my gates and so did my Walker 42" (but a 48 did not necessarily fit through many)

    there are some older gates (pre 40s I think) that might be tight, but 90% or more gates will let a 36" through.

    All It takes is buying a $8 tape measure and actually checking the darn gates if you have a lousy judge of distance.

    After that, you know what I did?
    If I could fit a commercial production mower back there? I just didn't take the job.
    In the RARE exception to that where it was a job I REALLY wanted. that happened to have apportion of it I couldn't fit a decent mower, I had a 21 or two floating around that usually just rode on a trailer "In CASE" it had to be used.
    I eventually broken down and bought honda commercials, because my toro personal paces just rode around long enough they got broken simply by being on the trailer.
    The honda deck would put up with the ride. But I still barely if ever use one.

    Someone else said it earlier, mowing with a 21" is just wasting time.

    The gate thing isn't a viable excuse.

    IF you are willing to push/maneuver/pull a 30" mower around, using a belt drive 36" is no more effort than that, in fact it's less, with better production.

    Is a hydro better, yup.

    but comparing mowers, the weight and tug of a 30" and a 36" on turf in real conditions is equal when pulling them back, the 30" can't compare to the belt drive 36" when turning forward, and in reverse, the 36 has reverse assist, the 30 doesn't.
  6. GMLC

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    I have never seen a gate that cant fit a 36. Not saying they dont exist but must be rare.
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  7. JonesLawnCareWV

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    Obviously I know theres a large difference between a 30" push and a 36" walk-behind. Nowhere in this post was I attempting to compare apples to apples and say one is better than the other. I was simply looking for suggestions on which I should consider with reference to my concerns - I.E. scalping, change of height, gate widths, etc. As for the backing up, my point was that it would be much easier to pull a 180lb 30" in reverse compared to a 550lb "reverse assist" walk-behind or switching gears 20 times to get in and out of small cubbies and such at clients houses.

    As for the Pistol grip belt drive, already stated thats not even a possibility. I've used a 52" Ferris DD (have pictures of it on another thread) and loved the ease of use with the hydro compared to the 48" Ferris belt drive that I used. However, I like the thoughts of the ECS system on the Exmark's. Not to mention, only Ferris dealer in the area is almost a 2.5 hour drive, and none of the service shops around here will service them. Three exmark dealers in my area, two of them service, closest one is 15 mins, farthest is 20 mins. Pretty much makes the decision against Ferris.

    Aside from that, I'm also fairly concerned with deck height change on a fixed deck. I've read they typically have three ways to change height, easiest way being spacers on the front casters. My issue with that is that it only raises the front of the deck, so essentially the cut height is still the same, it is just easier to cut taller grass, correct? Before anyone tries to claim "You don't have to switch heights that much", I have both weekly and bi-weekly customers. My bi-weekly customers complain if I don't cut it short enough that it isn't overgrown by the time I get back for the next cut (Despite how many times I've explained to them that the spring growth is just too fast and it should be cut weekly). I have three clients who get 4" cut, the other weeklys are typically 3.5", and most of the bi-weeklys are 2.5-3. So, yes, I do change deck heights multiple times during the day.
  8. echo

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    Do you have a Snapper Pro dealer near you. Same company/machine as Ferris. You can get a new SP sw20
    hydro for $4000. Same as the Ferris 36DD without electric start.
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  9. JonesLawnCareWV

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    The two exmark dealers who do service too are actually Snapper Pro dealers/service as well. Which I've always found funny because they sell Snapper but wont even consider selling or servicing the Ferris models. Already had that discussion with them when I was considering taking the 48" Ferris belt drive as payment from a client (mower turned out to be on its last limb anyways).

    Hadn't really checked into many of the snapper models honestly. About to do some reading on those I suppose.
  10. echo

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    Snapper Pro/Ferris are the same company but as far as warranty work, one isn't going to warranty the other. If they won't work on a Ferris at all being a SP dealer, that's ridiculous, but many dealers are just that.

    Take a look at the sw20. Its everything you want, except for the controls, and the price is $1000+ less. Personally, I'll take their controls over any other brand. I hope they never change them.
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