commercial 34" ztr, need opinions

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slowleak1, May 27, 2008.

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    ok, ive narrowed it down to Dixie, Exmark, and Gravely. Dixie dealer is very close, and i get a discount. i also like that the Dixie has the widest tires. I really cant find any cons on this mower. Next is the Exark. slower than the Dixie, and narrower tires. this disturbs me since i pretty much live in a swamp. other guys i see that have the narrower tires, you can see the "ruts" in th yard they cut, more like a valley almost form the tires. the exmark is also the lightest. And the Gravely. I love the Gravely 54" we have at my firehouse, but the 34" has even narrower tires than the Exmark, and is 200 lbs heavier. somone please give me some insight. looks like the Dixie wins, but if there are more mowers out there i havent looked at, please inform me
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    I notice that your from Louisiana, Dixie chopper is big in the deep south and alot of the guys on here dont use them. I use a dixie chopper 50" 75% of the time and i love it. Its alot wetter in Louisiana and esp on the coast. Wide tires are a must to spead the weight of the mower. I think you will like the dixies toughness. They are tanks.

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